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 Posted April 21, 2016



Buggy Trip Pictures from 2016

with a brief play by play from Merritt


Well, I didn't get to go ... but my Gator did!  Dad 'splained to me that he was going on a buggy trip with about 34 buddies on April 15 through 17.  Believe me ... I tried everything that I could to go along - I helped him load the Gator on the trailer, and sat in the Gator as he was booming it down and packing all his necessities (couldn't really understand why he needed three coolers!) - if I could've figured out a way to get into one of those tool boxes on the side - I would have!!  I even loaded up on the trailer as dad was trying to pull out of the driveway (I got fussed at for that!)


Well, I checked the odometer when he finally got home Sunday (around 5:30 pm!) and he drove 81.0 miles.  He says that he left early on Sunday (the ones that stayed didn't get back to town until around 10 that night).  Anyway, he said he had a really good time and says that MY Gator performed very, very well (I knew it would!)  I've given it a thorough once (and twice) over and it seems that the only item awry is the fancy hitch that our welder buddy put on there for us!


Here are some pictures of the trip that dad (and others) took.  Looks really pretty and even more fun ... wish I coulda gone!



11 Buggy Trip 2016 01
At the motel ... getting ready!

11 Buggy Trip 2016 02.jpg
Looking back to the east.

11 Buggy Trip 2016 03.JPG
That's where they're headed.

11 Buggy Trip 2016 04.JPG
And here's how they have to get there.

11 Buggy Trip 2016 05.JPG
That road looks pretty smooth!

11 Buggy Trip 2016 06.JPG
Making progress.

11 Buggy Trip 2016 07.JPG
A little "road time".

11 Buggy Trip 2016 08.jpg
I'm sure they're enjoying the view ... wonder why else they stopped?

11 Buggy Trip 2016 09.jpg
Dad says this is an example of an easy climb!

11 Buggy Trip 2016 10.jpg
And about mid-way up!

11 Buggy Trip 2016 11.jpg
Interesting rock pile (dad's buddies thought it was created by a UFO)!

11 Buggy Trip 2016 12.JPG
Nice little spring!

11 Buggy Trip 2016 13.jpg
Lunch time!

11 Buggy Trip 2016 14.jpg
There are 7 aoudad in this picture (dad didn't zoom too well!)

11 Buggy Trip 2016 15.JPG
Ain't that pretty!

11 Buggy Trip 2016 16.jpg
The long and winding road!

11 Buggy Trip 2016 17.jpg
A little climb (notice the help at the top!)

11 Buggy Trip 2016 18.jpg
On the road again!

11 Buggy Trip 2016 19.jpg
Taking another break!

11 Buggy Trip 2016 20.jpg
Yep ... 81.0 miles on MY Gator!


Well, I guess that there is always hope that I'll be invited on the next trip!

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