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Posted 12/01/2011
Reposted 11-26-15
Anger Issue 01
Dad Loves his 'mill and palms!

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Mom won't share her treat!
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I'm an "In Your Face" kinda girl!

Editorial Comment:  Here is a re-post of Ms. Ann's first article,  Annie is one of the least prolific bupps on the place ... not because she doesn't have any thoughts ... just that they don't really vary or deviate!


This article was also "old" job related - there was a lot of frustration at the time.  Management kept referring to all employees as a team, and the BC's just weren't buying that at all (see Roo's article on that topic for additional clarification of that thought!)!


This story relates Annie's rationalization and reasoning on how to cope when things aren't necessarily going your way and she has some very valid points - sometimes you have to play along, to get along.


Just saying ...


Anger Issue

By Annie

OK – here it is … dad’s really been bugging me to write my article.  But, I’m not really all that excited about sharing my thoughts, ideas, etc. with just anybody.  But I do want to make dad happy, well … most of the time ...

Dad says we’re a team.  I disagree.  I say we’re a league.  Don’t you see, the current structure has us playing AGAINST one another – not WITH one another.  And I personally don’t see not one thing at all wrong with that!  Just don’t insult us and call us a team!??  Sure, most of us like each other and are more than willing to help each other out – as long as WE are Winning© (Charlie Sheen gets full credit for that one!)  But, when the Team that we help out doesn’t really seem to be helping themselves; and then gets credit for OUR help (i.e. – makes the Super Bowl, and we don’t even make the playoffs) … it just kind of ticks a girl off.  And justifiably so, don’t you think?

Yeah – so ok, I’ve got a bit of an anger issue.  Sorry – You’ll just have to get over it!  I was a pretty happy go lucky kind of a gal until I got an impacted colon.  It kind of made me reevaluate some issues.  I still love my brother, Roo, and sisters (well, mostly my brother) and … oh yeah, mom and dad too!  Anyway, there’s been a lot of turmoil lately … and I figure that it’s better to hunker down and take care of numero uno!  After all, like dad says, “If you don’t take care of you, who will?”  Now, I understand that we all have one or two folks that we can count on through thick and thin (and Bubba and dad are mine) – but hey, if I lose one of them … I’m down 50% and it will feel like my whole world is tumbling down.  Shortages, rationing, sharing … yeah, I imagine that I’ll get the short end of all of that.  Again!  (Ain’t it funny how life can repeat itself??!!).  That’s why I’ve become the *BIOTCH* dog and I fight all of the others off all food (even Bubba), even though I know that there is more than enough for everyone.  I’ve got to take care of me!  To heck with everyone else – no one cares about me … why should I care about them!!!???!!!!!  I think that I’ll just hunker down and fire back until I run out of ammo!









OK, I took dad’s advice and I rethought my article after a few days – I’ve vented … I’ve also visited with some fine friends and folks … ok – maybe I’ll be willing to help my siblings with no conditions.  If I end up getting the small end of the feed trough – I guess it was just meant to be that way anyhow (not that that would be new to me!)  I think that this is one of those “Big Things” that Bubba talked about in his article … not much I can do when they come gunning is there?  All I can do, is to make the best of the situation before they come gunning and maybe they’ll realize that they’ve got a pretty good hand here and will pass me on by.  Then, if they do come, I also need to remember that they always seem to have more ammo than I do!  But remember, as great-mom (that’s dad’s mom) used to say, “You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar." [i]

I really do wish everyone the best … and if I can help, please call … but you better stay clear of my food bowl.

Remember, as said by Buchholz and Roth …

“Wearing the same shirts doesn't make you a team.”


[i] I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” One online cultural dictionary explains its meaning as the likelihood of winning people to your side more easily by gentle persuasion and flattery than by hostile confrontation. The application of this phrase in the workplace is pretty simple: To get your employees to perform at a higher level, you are more apt to succeed by utilizing positive reinforcement instead of negative reinforcement.

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