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Posted January 8, 2015

... Numero Two!

By The BC's


Again, an extremely good evening to everyone!!!  This is last in a two part series of "articles" which might have been a little "racier" than you have come to expect from us.  As explanation, we were helping dad clean out some old cartoons and pictures from his computer that he had kept (some go back as far as 2003) for all these years.  We censored some of the rougher ones out of circulation ... but we did decide to publish some that might wind up to be questionable to some of our folks .. we decided to publish them because dad giggled every time he read them.  We do apologize if they offend anyone ... that's not our intent and that is NOT the move that this site is going to take in the future. 



We'd still love to have some more guest articles ...



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The stupidity of some people in this world never fails to amaze us.


This picture below is real - not doctored in anyway.   When he saw it in the parking lot he went and bought a camera to take pictures.

The car is still running as can be witnessed by the exhaust.  The witnesses said the drivers physical state was OTHER than normal and the police just shook their heads in amazement.  The driver finally came back after the police were there and was getting down at the back to cut the twine around the load.  They told him to get back until it was taken off.

The materials were loaded at Home Depot.  The store manager said they had the customer sign a waiver!  Both back tires are trashed.  The back shocks were driven up through the floorboard.  In the back seat were 10 bags, 80 lbs. each of concrete.  On the roof are many 2X4s, 4X4s and sheets of OSB.  They estimated the load weight at 3000 lbs.  The car is a VW Jetta with FL plates and the guy said he was headed for Annapolis.






We are STILL wishing each and every one of you the most Prosperous, Happy, and Healthy of years!!!!


It's STILL mostly "OURS" to mess up!!!  Carpe Diem, dont'cha know!!


Love Ya'll!!!!


The BC's




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