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Posted January 18, 2012
Reposted 12-3-15

Bubba ...
On crying ...

Editorial Comment:  Here is a re-post of one of Bubba's early posts.  Bubba is mostly known for his Deep Thoughts and Interesting & Handy articles ... we think that this one is also deep and handy - maybe not too interesting, but we'll let you be the judge!


Bubba is the one Bupp that definitely wears his heart on his sleeve - he's the first to have his feelings hurt, but also the first to get over it!  This article was posted on Donald's birthday the year after he died.  It was a tough time for dad ... and these were the emotions that poured out that evening. 


Since then, we've experienced several more tough losses ... the sentiment still rings true - grief is a part of life, and we, as the living, must continue on.  It's ok to be sad, but we still have to keep on, keepin' on!



Crying is ok.  Cowboys do it (you just usually don't see 'em - they're in their shop ... but they do it)!  Presidents do it!  Preachers do it!  Teachers do it!  Prostitutes do it!  Heck, I bet that even ol' John Wayne did it (they just didn't film it ... since it doesn't play very well)!!

Grief is a part of life, and life doesn't come without grief!  Don't fret over it ... I imagine it really is good to get grief out (keep reading these articles - it's working) ... who would want to keep it in??!!

If you have a friend close by, give 'em a hug!  If they're too tough for a hug, give 'em a F... Y.. BUDDY! - Yeah, we still love the tough guys too!  I used to be one.  Not anymore. 


      I cried when you passed away.

      I still cry today.

      Although I loved you dearly,

      I couldn't make you stay.

      A golden heart stopped beating,

      Hard working hands at rest.

      God broke my heart to prove

      to me he only takes the best!


We know that IT is all good, and that it will all be ok.  It's just tough to deal with sometimes.  I, for one, am just extremely grateful for the good friends (two legged and four - or three, let's not forget Patches, Donald's favorite!) that are helping me through the process!  Bless all of you!  With a special blessing to Mom-D who has put up with a lot of "stuff"!




As a very good friend of mine and I always had to remind each other - when times got a little tough for either one of us -


"Hey ... Life is Good!"  We both agreed and had another beer!


Happy Birthday My Friend!  I Miss You!



Donald's Cooler


"The Cooler" - Thanks Dustin!!  Best gift I ever received!









PS- The cooler is still in the same exact spot, but is unfortunately "framed" with some dog collars (two before, and two after) ...











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