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Cartoon 2014-12-282

Cartoon 2014-12-28

Cartoon 2014-12-25

Cartoon 2014-12-222

Cartoon 2014-12-212

Cartoon 2014-12-154

Cartoon 2014-12-122


I saw this in a LinkedIn article ... it's just a snippett ... but, if it gets your left eye to twitching -

click on the link ... it's Pretty Deep!!


When every day you wake up with that motive of enhancement.  Enhance your family, your friends, your colleagues, your clients, potential customers, readers, people who you don’t even know yet but you would like to know.  Become a beacon of enhancement and then when the night is gray, all of the boats will move towards you, bringing their bountiful riches.

James Altucher


Cartoon 2014-12-09 2

Cartoon 2014-12-09

Cartoon 2014-12-08 2

Cartoon 2014-12-08

Cartoon 2014-12-04

Cartoon 2014-12-07

Cartoon 2014-11-30
for more information ... just read ANY article prior to August 2014!

Cartoon 2014-11-29

Cartoon 2014-11-28

Cartoon 2014-11-24

Cartoon 2014-11-14

Cartoon 2014-11-11

Cartoon 2014-11-08

Cartoon 2014-11-07
Dad got a text from his Nephew-in-Law this week, they were visiting California and went to the Reagan Presidential Library, highly recommended it!
He thought of dad while he was visiting it!  What a NICE thing!!!  RR is his favorite (and the first Presidential vote that he cast!)
Ohhhhh, don't we need him now!!!!!!!

Cartoon 2014-11-04.gif
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Found on a rare visit on FaceBook ...
Cartoon Facebook October

Cartoon 2014-10-26

Cartoon 2014-10-24

Cartoon 2014-10-22

Cartoon 2014-10-22 1

Cartoon 2014-10-18

Cartoon 2014-10-06

Cartoon 2014-09-28
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Cartoon 2014-09-26

Cartoon 2014-09-24

Cartoon 2014-09-23

Cartoon 2014-09-21

Cartoon 2014-09-20

Cartoon 2014-09-201

Cartoon 2014-09-167

Cartoon 2014-09-16

Cartoon 2014-09-16 1

Cartoon 2014-09-09

Cartoon 2014-09-09 1

Cartoon 2014-09-07

Cartoon 2014-09-04

No one did an exit interview with me either!!!!!  I wonder why???

But THIS site IS my Victory Lap!!!!!

In all honesty ... we do know SOME government employees that don't fit the stereotype!!!


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Cartoon 2014-08-11
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Cartoon 2014-08-08
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Cartoon 2014-08-06

Cartoon 2014-08-05

Cartoon 2014-08-03

Cartoon 2014-08-02

Cartoon 2014-07-31

Cartoon 2014-07-29

Cartoon 2014-07-21

Cartoon 2014-07-15

Cartoon 2014-07-14

Cartoon 2014-07-12

Cartoon 2014-07-09
WOW!!!!!  Deep!!!!!!

Cartoon 2014-07-08

Cartoon 2014-07-01

Cartoon 2014-06-30

Cartoon 2014-06-22

Cartoon 2014-05-12

Cartoon 5-3-14

Cartoon 14-05-01

Cartoon 2014-04-30

Cartoon 2014-04-15
This one is really funnier than you might think ...
Don't know why?
Read THIS article!

Cartoon 2014-04-09

Cartoon 2014-03-30 - 1

Cartoon 2014-03-30

Cartoon 2014-03-17

Native American folktale

The earth trembled and a great rift appeared, separating the first man and woman from the rest of the animal kingdom. As the chasm grew deeper and wider, all the other creatures, afraid for their lives, returned to the forest — except for the dog, who after much consideration leapt the perilous rift to stay with the humans on the other side. His love for humanity was greater than his bond to other creatures and he willingly forfeited his place in paradise to prove it ...

Cartoon 2-19-14

Cartoon 2-12-2014

Cartoon 1-30-2014



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