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Posted December 17, 2013


Christmas 2013 …

We are ashamed to say, but we are planning to “recycle” a story for our Christmas 2013 Letter … the following (though we have made some changes) was originally published back in March of this year.  If you’ve been following the website, you know that the publications have certainly slowed down.  That is a little sad … they were fun … but re-read the introduction, and think about the content … Hey!  That may not be so bad for dad after all!!  Now we’re not saying that we’re giving it up … we’re just soaking it all in for "BC – Round Two"!!

Here is the story that we would like to share with our Christmas Wishes to all of our loved ones and treasured friends … it is a story of gifts that have been shared with us, and we would like to share with you:


Gifts …

By The BC Crew

What kind of gifts do you like to receive?  What kind of gifts do you like to give?  Does the person that you’re giving the gift to change what it is you plan to give?  Does it impact the price of the gift?  Does the occasion for the gift change what you give?  Do you ever give a gift just to be giving a gift – no special gift giving occasion?  (dad has some special friends that do this, just by being there and texting!)

These are just a few of the questions that dad has asked us to ponder on for this article.  We astute BC’s realize that there is a true art in the etiquette of gift giving, and we would like to share our views with you.

Now, please keep in mind that by the very nature of the word “gift” – that this is not a mandatory practice.   Gift-giving is a display of how much you care about a person, the occasion, and is something given from the heart … within your capabilities.  Rolex's really are cool gifts to receive (and are much appreciated Donald!) ... but, never go into debt just to “keep up appearances” (we gave him a cookbook!)  It’s not about how much you spend, but all about how much you care.  A small gift is better than no gift, and using the economy or lack of funds is never a reason or excuse.  Nice $1 gifts are available when you take the time to find them.  With some compadres, even the $1 gifts aren’t necessary, just being buds is really the best gift of all!  You know, since dad (and mom-D) only pay us in room and board along with EXCELLENT medical care (and an occasional treat) – we don’t really have the resources to be giving anything in the way of materialistic gifts.  We’ve decided that that is just fine too! 

We do give gifts nonetheless!!!!


Annie provides everyone that she encounters with the gift of their own humility.  Annie treats everyone the same – from the friends that we haven’t seen for a long time to our neighbor (the Pope’s buddy).  No special treatment given here.  When around Miss Ann, just be yourself … you don’t have to try and impress anyone (and you won’t be impressing her!). 



Bubba gives the gift of loyalty to those he meets and truly loves (it’s really still just dad that fits into this category).  His actions emphasize that you should know what is important to you, and to maintain that contact regardless of the difficulties encountered.  Youthful innocence, love and charity are also characteristics of Mr. Bubb!  We can all learn a lot from simple, little ol’ (freakishly huge) Bubba!



If you are able to ‘splain it to her, Gall is proud to provide to all that she encounters with the gift of services.  She will be your bestest helper if she understands just what it is that you are wanting to accomplish.  If she can’t do it, she will find someone who can/will.  There are not many that I have seen that work harder for their compadres!



Patches demonstrates to everyone that she encounters how to value your own self-worth.  Yeah, she may only have three wheel drive, but she knows that she is the best ol’ Patches that there ever has been on this place!  Everyone is accepted as they are, with no hesitation – everyone is welcome with open arms … as is.  It’s all good – we’re buds (or will be once we learn what makes each other tick)!



 Momma Roo, Miss Rooney – well, you should know by now that she provides consistency and structure to this band of BC’s (and our humans too – if you’re not too sure about that, just come around any evening around 9:30!).  She figures that consistency is what makes the rest of the gifts, that the other BC’s provide, worth having!


Yeah, you see … gifts don’t have to be those materialistic things that you typically think of!  These gifts that the BC’s provide to all that come through our gate are always complemented by friendship, love, care, and compassion – WOW!  Talk about a gift-fiesta!!!  And you know what the best part is … it didn’t cost anyone a dime!  Many of these are gifts that will be cherished for a long time – they don’t need batteries, don’t wear out, and (I hope) never go out of fashion!  We treat those that we meet as people, individuals – you know, those things that are worthy of some attention and love!!!  Well, that’s the way we like to be treated as well! 

Dad relayed his experiences with us when he got home from Tyler back in March and was very impressed with The Hospice of East Texas that took care of his dad.  He says that everyone (and he reiterated EVERY ONE – not just the doctors and nurses, but the nursing aids, janitorial people, chaplain, desk clerk, volunteers and even the nice lady that ran the Soda Shoppe!!) there was busy giving gifts through out the day to everyone that they met (whether they were patients or family members)!  What an extremely generous group of folks!  Thank You!!!  Each and every one!  That was a tough week, but the gifts showered upon our dads (both of them) and his family were countless, comforting and will be remembered forever! 

Ya’ll know that dad started this website to deal with “stuff” that started coming down – heck, it just seems that “stuff” just kept on pouring!  Hang on to your peeps – don’t lose contact – your buds are what helps this ol’ thing spin ‘round every day.  Go ahead – call your mom … call your dad … call your brother … call a bud … don’t wait until tomorrow.  REALLY! 

Yeah – this little site has honestly been a life saver!  But no more than my bud’s that have stayed in contact, my wonderful wife, and notably five black and white buppies that really do keep me grounded and loved!!  The change in employment has absolutely done WONDERS for me!  So far, all that was promised has been delivered (imagine management like that?!) and the future looks even more promising than what was promised.  See, as I kept telling myself over the last 20 years, most things really do work themselves out!  Cool!! 

As dad likes to say … “Just smile at someone, pat a dog, hug your spouse, help a neighbor, help a stranger, get involved in something worthwhile, but remember, every day, you need to share a laugh with a friend!!!  You can make a difference – START NOW!” 

Merry Christmas and Love to all of ya’ll!!!! 

The BC Crew, mom-D and dad



Give today –

It's in your best interests to be as generous as you can right now.

So open up your wallet, hand over your car keys,

or set aside some of your free time to give a friend a hand.

If you don't share resources,

you'll never know the feeling of pride in helping someone when they really needed it.

You might not get repaid,

but the goodwill you receive will be a lot more valuable!

People have good memories,

and they'll be eager to repay the favor soon.

(A Horoscope)




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