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Posted March 1, 2012


MY Thoughts Rooney 1



MY Thoughts Rooney 2Christmas Photo 2011


MY Thoughts Rooney 3Laget mitt!


MY Thoughts Rooney 4Mein mannschaft!


MY Thoughts Rooney 5More Christmas 2011!


MY Thoughts Rooney 6Mo fhoireann!


MY Thoughts Rooney 7La mia squadra!


MY Thoughts Rooney 8Toby Keith ain't got nothing on dad!






Detailed Assistance … MY Response …

     By Rooney


Wow, I love the responses … don’t really know why I am surprised … I do have an excellent Team (I still don’t like that term, does anyone have a better one?)[i] that is devoted to the mission and excellence in the performance of their jobs!!  Thank You!!!!


I probably don’t say that sincerely enough – or enough of the time!  But I DO MEAN IT!!!


Yeah, I know that’s management 101 – and I do these “half hearted” (OFFSTAGE:  What’s that Annie? … NO!  I am going to say half HEARTED!!  Not that vulgar word that you’ve learned and that can also refer to a four-footed, hoofed mammal related to the horse, but smaller, with longer ears and a shorter mane, shorter hair on the tail, and a dark stripe along the back.)[ii]  Thank You’s all the time … but this one is truly sincere!  This Crew is AWESOME!!  I now understand that the (sometimes) lack of management, lack of direction from management, and lack of consistency from management has somewhat fragmented what could have be an EVEN BETTER, KICK BUTT Squad!!!  I apologize!


Without a doubt, I KNOW that all my BC’s (my Gang) are trying their hardest and giving their best – I NEVER meant to question that!!  It’s just that I am trying to come up with ways to equalize the workload for everyone!  Trying to come up with a way to insure that we all will always work together to accomplish our common goals as a Unit![iii]  But, I am coming to realize that even though we are a Band – we are individuals first.  And while we have common main goals, we all have individual goals and management mandated goals that often conflict with the betterment of the whole.[iv]


Yeah, I have a Panel of individuals – and that’s good – and, yeah, I want them to act as a Club – and they do a pretty dang good job of it.  I, as management, just have to remember that even though I usually think of them as one Lineup, they ARE individuals![v]  I have to keep that in mind and reward their individualities and peculiarities – those quirks are what DOES make us a Side[vi] against the ever threatening invasion of rabbits (and ground squirrels and prairie dogs and skunks and tarantulas and snakes and mice and skunks and frogs … and … oh yeah, RABBITS!  The scourge of this Earth!)!!


I need to reward and acknowledge the accomplishers (and not that wimpy-mimpy silent and secret acknowledgement that I have been doing) … work with those that are trying to become accomplishers (they’ll make it, I just know that they will, but we have to hold them accountable for the accomplishments – or lack of – as compared to their peers) … help the “confused one” learn how to prioritize and monitor the multiple tasks that are flung his way each day – all the while I need to encourage the entire Group to continue to work as a Party to furthering the mission that has been set before them!  The one thing that we will not accept … that we cannot tolerate ... with this organization is slacking off (not that it has EVER been a problem with these BC’s (or probably any BC’s, for that matter!))![vii]


So that is my task … WOW … I’m glad I have THIS Equipo to work with!  A girl could be in a way much worse position than I am … not that this is an easy position by any means – but hey, I could be working with one of the sister outfits!!!  That might be a whole lot tougher – No mucho trabajo there, sometimes (or more) – you know what I mean!!!!  It is a tough job – but someone has to do it.  It’s even tougher under our current serious budget constraints[viii] – but we are Troopers and we’ll do whatever it takes to make this ol’ deal work!!


With all my Love,


Momma Roo



[iii] Effective teamwork will not take the place of knowing how to do the job or how to manage the work. Poor teamwork, however, can prevent effective final performance. And it can also prevent team members from gaining satisfaction in being a member of a team and the organization.

Robert F. Bales


[iv] It isn't the incompetent who destroy an organization. It is those who have achieved something and want to rest upon their achievements who are forever clogging things up.

Charles Sorenson


[v] An empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success.

Stephen Covey, Principle-centered Leadership


[vi] Create the kind of climate in your organization where personal growth is expected, recognized and rewarded.

Author Unknown


[vii] Anybody who accepts mediocrity - in school, on the job, in life - is a person who compromises, and when the leader compromises, the whole organization compromises.

Charles Knight


[viii] You can watch the smart TV, check your horrorscope on your “smart” phones, and look at your new computer monitor … but … whatever you do … just be sure that you don’t print in color!!!!!  

JD, Acting State Director




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