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Posted February 12, 2012


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Detailed Assistance … My Thoughts …

     By Annie


We know that dad loves us all “the same” – but we’re not evaluated equally.  Gall is expected to achieve more.  I understand that.  Patches and Bubba don’t have quite as high of a bar to meet … but it seems that my bar is set almost as high as Gall’s.  Why is that!!??  I mean, I didn’t do too well on my last performance appraisal.  I’m thinking that if JC himself came out here – he’d probably only get a fully successful – and that just ain’t right! (and no … I’m not being blasphemous!)


 I work just as hard as everyone else – I get no acknowledgement … so I slack off … why try … But, since I am a full blooded BC – you know that I jump back into full swing – no acknowledgement received … Dang It!  Pat me on the head occasionally – brag on me in front of Ronnie … ANYTHING … I’m starving![i]  Also, I’m seeing some stuff out there that no one EVER told me about!  Yeah, I can call Mom, or maybe even email dad, for an answer, but, by the time that I get an answer – it’s often too late.  Sometimes, I just don’t know what to do!!?


I know that dad is considering sending someone in to work with me … that’s fine … that’s happened before … but there’s a few scenarios that usually turn out:


  1. The help that is sent is way busier than me … they let me know it, and it reminds me that I am doing less than some of the others.  They treat me like I am slacking all the time … I’m not … it just gets really confusing at times (and I do tend to get a little overwhelmed).  Sometimes I don’t even ask for help, and they still show up … dad doesn’t even ask!

  2. The help that is sent is really just looking for a paid vacation.  It’s not a big deal to them at all … just a chance to goof off and have fun!  It doesn’t count on “their” numbers and the RCD takers don’t count their “kills”, they get no recognition – why would they care too much?![ii]

  3. The help that is sent sometimes has even less of a clue than I do!!  REALLY … !  Yeah, there are some (well … one) that, at times, understands and processes less than me!  So – I either spend a lot of time answering his silly questions … or … spend a lot of time fixing his goof ups later!


The other deal that holds up my process is dad’s oversight!  Dad, I think, sometimes “over picks” my stuff … he can be really anal sometimes!  He keeps talking about “Catch Quality Reviews”, The Doors (I can’t even remember what that one means – but it seems to be more important to him than the “real” work … it takes him ONE WHOLE day a month to do that one!), and then we have the BIGGIE … Flippin’ Rabbits or the acronym FLPRA (I think that’s what it stands for …).  But what dad doesn’t seem to realize is that flippin’ the rabbits is not really that big of a deal, the important part is keeping them flipped, or catching them and flipping them again once you flipped them the first (or fourteenth) time!  Most times, unless you get a really good flip (this is where Bubba and Gall excel – Bubba cause he slams ‘em and Gall since she’s just so athletic – Patches doesn’t have the leverage with her busted hip, and I just don’t have the weight!) they get pretty worked up after the flip, and when that happens it is sometimes better to just go back to your station before you mess with them again.  Some of those jacks can get pretty ticked off after you flip them!  Watch out – they WILL charge you sometimes!


Anyway, that’s my thoughts on details … I DO appreciate the GOOD help and hope to equal your expertise one of these days, but I can do without the attitude of the folks that come to help.



[i] It is not enough to rate people solely on performance against goals.  There are many other levels of performance that are not addressed by that criterion.  Instead, appraise the employee and base year-end ratings on additional factors that reflect the important goals of your organization. 

Light the Fire: Leveraging Appraisals for Maximum Performance, from Ag Learn


[ii] Socialism would also ultimately fail because when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great, but when government takes all the reward away, no one will try or want to succeed.




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