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 Updated December 27, 2015




We are proud to announce that our adoption application was approved!!


We drove through blizzards and snow to pick up our new little girl today (December 27th)!

She is as happy and ossimistic as we were told!  Her foster person, GiGi, was very accomodating and met us in Eastland at the Dairy Queen to arrange the "drop off".


Her name is Merritt and she is 2 years old and weighs in at 34 pounds!

She is classified as “special needs” but all of us think that she’s just perfect!!!!







Dad, mom-D, and all of us Bupps have been working with the fine folks at All Border Collie Rescue (or ABCR) for the past month or so and mom-D received the news yesterday evening!! 


Dad has always looked at dog rescue sites (even before the incident with Patches and Rooney) and has often felt little pangs for the pups, but with five dogs already … he never has done anything about it.  But back in October, he was looking at the ABCR site and noticed the “special needs” pups section on the site.  That’s when we saw Merritt – an active looking three legged dog – and since we are all experienced with pups that have three wheel drive, we all agreed that we wanted to provide a loving home to a pup that is a little less “attractive” to the general community, but one that we know can be an extremely valuable and “ossimistic” part of this crew!   


After a thorough application process, a couple of phone calls, some updated application information, some calls to references and to the vet - mom-D got the call that we were approved!


Here is the information that was posted about Merritt on the ABCR website that caused dad’s initial interest … (you can rest assurred that there have already been MANY pictures made, and dad already has a story idea or two ... you'll definitely see more of this special little girl on this site.  As a side note, Gall and Annie have feigned disinterest in her, but Bubba hasn't ... "him a little scared"!  And all she has tried to do was sniff!!!)






Age:  2 Years
Sex:  Female
Coat:  Black and White, Semi Rough Coat
Weight:  34 lbs

Activity Level:  Companion

Good with Other Dogs:  Yes

Good with Cats:  Yes [NOTE:  This will be interesting around this place!  Maybe she can teach some tolerance to the others!]

Good with Children:  Yes
This Profile Last Updated:  10-15


Merritt was clearly somebody’s darling, until she fell on hard times.  She loves people, loves to cuddle, and loves to be with you wherever you’re going.  Go for a ride?  She’s on it.  Snuggle up on the bed to watch silly old movies?  She’s there.  Sleep under your desk while you work?  If that’s what you’re doing, that’s what she’s doing.


Go for long walks, or a jog in the park?  She might have been up for that, too, once, but somehow or another Merritt lost her former happy home and suffered a devastating injury to her right hind leg.  It might have been a car.  It might have been a leg-hold trap.  Whatever it was, the bone was shattered, and she lost her leg.


She hardly lets it slow her down.  With her intelligence, sunny attitude, and can-do spirit, she rises to just about every physical challenge and steals your heart while she’s at it.  She loves everybody she meets, but it might be a little too easy for an eager toddler to knock her down, which frightens and confuses her.  She has shown no aggression or fear reactiveness. 


Merritt gets along with other dogs, inviting them to play, and is curious about cats, but respectful.  She’ll crate up if you ask her too, but c’mon!  She’d rather be with you.  She’s very reliable in the house, and runs to the truck every time she goes outside, hoping for a ride.  She’d make a great RV companion or ride along buddy, wherever you’re going in life.  Merritt says, “Bring it on!”




Merritt 1   Merritt 2


Merritt 3   Merritt 4





We're excited and looking forward to meeting our new sister!  We even found a couple of quotes to welcome her!





Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.

Anatole France



What you give you get, ten times over.

Yoruba Proverb






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