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Posted November 29, 2012


If It Doesn’t Bother You …
By Bubba


It ain’t much, but it’s coming our way!!!!!


Come On, BC’s … Let’s Go!!!!!


Errrrrr … what’s up?  What do you mean that you’re too busy Gall?  … Oh, I’m sorry that your hip is hurting Patch!  … Annie … wake up!!!  You can sleep later, this is important!! … Mom? … Will you join in? … Mom?? …


I can’t get my sisters or mother fired up at all!  It just seems like they just don’t care anymore!  I tried real hard to get them pumped up over this thing and they all essentially told me to get lost!  So, I prepared this survey to try and figure out what we needed to think about and what we needed to do (knowing all along that there are always those naysayers out there!) – but I figured that if you didn’t know what folks were thinking (whether it was right or wrong) you just don’t know which direction to head.  I got some responses, well ok – some of them were NOT too flattering and some were just flat WRONG – but, at least they were responses; however, I think that just the fact that I sent out this little survey upset some BC’s and evidently ticked off some of the others!!  I just don’t know what to do now... 


Well - ok … if that’s the way it is … I guess that I’ll just give up too!!








Hmmmm, that reminds me of a story that I’ve heard told around the shop for quite a while … Wanna hear it?  (I don’t tell it nearly as well as our neighbor does, but I’ll give it a try) …


Quite a few years ago, in a land not so far away, these three guys (let’s call them David, Donald and Ronny) were taking Ronny’s recently acquired old/new jeep (It’s mostly pale yellow and it also ran on propane at the time don’t you know!  He bought it from a widow woman (who is the mom of a country music singer – Charlie Daniels even sang on one of his CD’s) from down south and paid WAY too much money for it (he later figured out)!) pretending to be scouting out the quail hunting (but, they way that I understand it, through the various versions of this story that I’ve heard, is that they were probably just using this excursion for an excuse to practice their drinkin’ and drivin’).  Anyway, David was in the hunter’s seat and, after a while, made several comments that he thought that it smelled like something was burning.  Donald and Ronny, in their respective professional water well guy and professional welder’s opinions, dismissed the lowly farmer David and told him not to worry about it – the jeep was just burning off that power steering fluid that spilled when they topped it off before leaving!  After a while, they stopped to take a … uhhh, I mean … to check the tires, and all of a sudden, flames leapt out from under the jeep!  As Donald and Ronny got all excited and shook beers on the flame (since they were out of organic fire-fighting material) they hollered at David to bring in reinforcements … David sat right there in his hunter’s seat contemplating their request, while sipping on his refreshing adult beverage, and finally replied, “If it doesn’t bother you, it doesn’t bother me!” 


Well, in this particular version of the story (it DOES change from time to time), the fire was safely put out, the jeep wasn’t hurt a bit, and the infamous trio made it safely home (via Angel’s Dance Club and a couple of other unscheduled stops).


In retrospect, I reckon that if Ronny had only checked the jeep out before the fateful “scouting” excursion and gotten an opinion of its condition (kinda like a survey of the folks involved) he would’ve known that there might have been a problem that might have been easy to fix.  And if Donald would have listened to those around him (i.e. – David), the problem might have been greatly mitigated.  David WAS a willing participant, but his input was dismissed by the “captains”!  (Now, before you jump to any conclusions, these captains were extremely capable and competent – but unfortunately, their focus just seemed to be on different things at the time.  David was just kind of along for the ride and when he discovered that the Captains didn’t care, his apathy simply increased!)  That’s kinda the way that I feel myself right now – heck, if no one else cares … why should I?!  If it doesn’t bother you, it don’t bother me!!














WAIT A MINUTE!!  Guess What!!!  After I got all discouraged writing this article, I moped off.  My mom and sisters saw me moping around and Momma Roo called a BC Family Meeting.  Momma Roo read my article (up to this point only, duh!) and it got everyone to thinking (I think that I even saw a tear in ol' Patches eye)!!  As we all discussed it, we decided that collectively, the majority of us have simply grown complacent and lazy, always thinking that someone else would do it, or calloused because many thought that someone else would get it done.  And the couple of folks that do it, are getting pretty dang tired!!  Through this article, we figured out that no one was there to get it done and the opportunity just passed us on by!  That’s pretty sad isn’t it??!!  This little event was enough to spur the BC’s into action, with renewed vigor!  Let’s “do our do”!!!


This is a little like something that dad was moping about the other day – I’m thinking that Donald and Ronny represent dad's Association leadership while David represents the membership!!!  There has got to be a way to get the membership involved before the whole dang thing burns up!!!!!  The leadership needs your help!  (NOTE TO THE LEADERSHIP:  I ain’t being sanctimonious in this little tale, I’m just like David - along for the ride, and dang glad and appreciative that ya’ll are driving!! And when something gets ya’ll excited – heck, I’ll wiz on it right along with you!!!!)




I’m also reminded of that time that Ronny told Donald to check the radiator on his modified VW bug hunting buggy (aka dune buggy)[i] … but, that’s for another story …








Be the change you wish to see in the world.



To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.

        Steve Prefontaine


When it came to breakfast, the chicken was involved, but the pig was committed!

         Loosely paraphrased from Mr. Dicus






[i] This may, or may NOT, explain Ronny’s tongue-in-cheek comment to Donald.  Have fun thinking it through!!









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