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Posted July 16, 2015


The Platinum Rule[i]

By Annie


Of course, all of you have heard of the Golden Rule[ii] … you know, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." … and, if you have parents like I do, you have been chastised to follow it all of your life.  Well, I’ve been thinking about it, and I have come to the conclusion that it is just a load of plain ol’ hogwash!!!  Yeah … that’s right!  Angry Annie is speaking now … LISTEN UP kids!


You see, I prefer to subscribe to the “Platinum Rule[iii]”!  While it seems like good sentiment, I believe that the Golden Rule has one, major, fatal, flaw:  it makes the assumption that everybody wants to be treated the same.  It ignores the fact that we are motivated by (sometimes significantly) different things!  The Platinum Rule, “Do unto others as they would have done unto themselves.” corrects this flaw with the Golden Rule.


Now, by all means, I am not advocating that you just yield and concede to everyone (in other words, don’t just “suck up” to get along) – I am, though, simply suggesting that you acknowledge (and appeal to) them as to what they are … a unique individual (just like everyone else!)!  As an illustration:  If someone likes public recognition, give it to them.  However, when they don’t like to be the focus of attention, do all that you can to keep them from feeling uncomfortable – irrespective, of what YOU would have preferred!


Have you ever worked with a “difficult person”?  I’m willing to bet you that the “difficulties” that you encountered were made more worse by your application of the Golden Rule (your Momma would be proud, but you just caused yourself more problems!).  You were doing unto a difficult (that is, different from you) person as you would have done unto you (that is, something that makes sense to YOU, a non-difficult person!).  You’ve already figured this one out by now, haven’t you … you know that you’re going to be the one with the headache and a screaming sound inside of your noggin’!!  But, if you would’ve applied the Platinum Rule, instead of the Golden Rule, you might’ve mitigated the issues that ol’ “difficult head” was raisin’ (typically it is just bitchin’ and whining anyway!)!


Well, let’s think that last line out a little more … suppose that we apply the Platinum Rule, with a Golden Rule base to all of our interactions with other folks – that means that we will help our neighbors, treat our family with kindness, go the extra mile for your co-workers, and help strangers in need.  Without a doubt, those actions will be good for the folks that you help … but I imagine that you’ll also notice a strange thing happening … I bet folks will treat you better too!  You’re also sure to find a growing satisfaction, belief, and knowledge that you are a genuinely good person!  That’s pretty cool too!!


These aren’t any small dividends either folks!  They are huge!!  That’s why this ol’ world will be a much better place if more of us can live by these rules!  I guarantee that if you use the golden rule as a baseline and keep the platinum rule in mind (that’d be a gold base with platinum trim, don’t cha know) that once you get a feel for how someone likes to be treated, they’ll like you a lot more for it.  But remember, above all, to obey the “Do No Harm” rule, which, as its name suggests, means that before you do something unto someone, make danged sure you’re not doing any harm unto them.  That is:  1) You don’t have to hurt them even if they ask you to; and 2) Treats are not a meal, and spoiling bupps can be harmful and can lead to obesity and/or cavities.


Here’s a quick list as to how to put some of these ideas to work for you in your everyday life:


Practice empathy.

Practice compassion.

Be friendly.

Be helpful.

Listen to others.

Overcome prejudice.

Stop criticism.

Don’t try to control others.

Give yourself a reminder of these principles.

Rise above retaliation.

Be the change.

Notice how it makes you feel.

Say a prayer[iv].



You Already Knew What To Do … Peace Out!!!











[i] I got the premise for this article from Be More Likable in Any Situation by Following the "Platinum Rule", by Patrick Allan.  But, “The Platinum Rule” itself was coined by Milton Bennett in the 1970s.


[ii] Many people attribute the sentiment to the Christian Bible, but it can be found in much older philosophies, such as Hinduism and Buddhism.  It serves as a guiding principle for numerous religions and codes of ethics.


[iii] Platinum is worth more than gold (per ounce at market value).  That’s important for the name.  Keep that in mind while finishing this article.


[iv] May I gain no victory that harms me or my opponent.
        May I reconcile friends who are mad at each other.
        May I, insofar as I can, give all necessary help to my friends and to all who are in need.
       May I never fail a friend in trouble.

           .   - attributed to Eusebius of Caesarea




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