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 Posted September 22, 2016


Why a BC is probably not for you[i]!

The BC-Chronicle “staff”


Now, we know that this statement may come as a surprise to the readers of this site since you have probably come to think of us as BC proponents … however, partnering[ii] (we don’t think that owning is possible) with a BC can certainly be a challenge at times (and sometimes more than other times!). 


As a general rule, BCs are not easy pets – they can be “too intense” and “too energetic”.  BCs are usually workaholics; but they won't usually exercise too much on their own.  Most want their human counterparts to participate in whatever they do.  If you don’t provide a “job” for them, they will find it for themselves – generally, at the expense of your lawn, furniture, walls, cats, and/or whatever else looks tempting to dig, chew, or chase!  Yes, they are extremely quick, high-energy, busy dogs, and must have plenty of exercise.  They have been bred for endurance:  a working BC can run as much as 100 miles a day over sometimes difficult terrain, then be more than ready to go out and do it again tomorrow.  A one or two mile walk may seem like a long way to you, but it's barely a warm-up for a "tuned up" BC.  Without exercise, a bored BC can become neurotic and destructive.


Be sure you know what you're getting into if you think you want a BC.  They have been bred for hundreds of years to hone and refine a very strong herding instinct.  They will herd everything that moves:  livestock, birds, other dogs, cats, children, lizards and even bugs (though ours have successfully learned (I believe that you do not "train" BC's - you "learn" them!  Don't under estimate that mind that they have!) to leave our quail alone, though the lizards and frogs are extremely TIRED).  A lot of folks have no patience with the way the herding instinct displays itself and operates in a family situation, and many BCs end up abandoned at the local dog pound (or listed on rescue sites) because of it.  BCs run hard, they chase children (sometimes nipping them because they don't stop or go in the direction that the BC desires), they throw toys at you nonstop, they are continually underfoot trying to herd, they constantly nudge you (or guests) for attention, they bark a lot when they are playing, they love to chew and dig, they rarely lie down and sleep when they are young, and they mature very slowly (and some of ‘em never do!!).  Many, many young Border Collies are hurt, or killed, each year trying to herd vehicles by running in front of them.


Sure, BCs are very intelligent and learn quickly.  At first, this may seem like a good thing, but it can actually be a problem at times: they easily learn things that their person didn't intend for them to learn, and some of these newly-learned behavior patterns can be difficult to re-teach.  Their intelligence is one of the reasons that they tend to get bored and can get into trouble so easily.  But then, it's also one of the reasons they excel in obedience, training/competition, herding, agility, and so many other dog sports.  MAJOR QUESTION:  Do you really want to partner with a dog that just might actually be smarter than you?


I mean … they are beautiful dogs ... they're intelligent, energetic workaholics; but here are a few more traits to explain why you wouldn’t want these dogs:


They HATE water:

Probably Not 01 Probably Not 02
Probably Not 03 Probably Not 04
They don’t get along with each other:  
Probably Not 05 Probably Not 06

Probably Not 07

Probably Not 08

Probably Not 09
They're lazy:  
Probably Not 10

Nah … I’m not even gonna go there!

I have more respect for the viewers of this site

to even comment any more on this topic

(plus, I have even more respect for BC’s!)

They're too hyper:  
Probably Not 11 Probably Not 12

Probably Not 13

Probably Not 14

Probably Not 15
They're not attentive to you at all:  
Probably Not 16 Probably Not 17

Probably Not 18

Probably Not 19

Probably Not 20

Yeah … I’m thinking that a BC is probably not the dog for you.  Who’d wanna put up with all of this?

Probably Not 21 Probably Not 22



Yeah, I’m not sure that you can handle the love and joy that these dogs will bring to you!!!!  But, if you decide to take that step … I pray that your relationship will be as blessed as mine has been!


I LOVE these BC’s … they are my treasures and my joys – they are my bestest of friends and most wonderful partners!  I am honored that they allow me to share my life with them!








[i] The idea for this article was sent by a dear old friend, Barb (a former English teacher who has submitted not one article to this site for publication), from an article that she found on SpaceBook – “16 Reasons Border Collies Are Not The Friendly Dogs Everyone Says They Are” written by Mary Brown back in September 2015.


[ii] You don’t own a dog, any more than you own your life.  If a dog has any intellect, you are best to treat your relationship with your dog as a partnership.  It is all right that you have a majority ownership in the partnership – just remember that it IS a partnership.  He (she) does have the option of quitting you.








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