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Posted April 30, 2015



Some Beach[i]

By Stuffed Roo

 Some Beach 01

Out of all the bupps, I am actually the least literate … but, as a BC, I wanted to contribute some thoughts to this ol’ site too!  I kinda plagiarized a story that I’ve heard the other (warm) dogs talk about, and it’s one that they had heard on the radio – I changed it up a little … hope that’s ok (I just took out the second verse … it didn’t fit my thought profile, and moved the first chorus behind the third (now second) verse!


Hope you enjoy!


Driving down the interstate
Running thirty minutes late
Singing Margaritaville and minding my own
Some foreign car driver dude with the road rage attitude
Pulled up beside me talking on his cell phone
He started yelling at me like I did something wrong
He flipped me the bird an' then he was gone

I sat in that waiting room
It seemed like all afternoon
The nurse finally said doc's ready for you
you're not gonna feel a thing we'll give you some novocain
That tooth will be fine in a minute or two
But he stuck that needle down deep in my gum
And he started drilling before I was numb

Some beach
There's a big umbrella casting shade over a empty chair
Palm trees are growing and a warm breezes a blowing
I picture myself right there
On Some beach, somewhere

Some beach
There's no where to go when you got all day to get there
There's cold margaritas and hot Senioritas smiling with long dark hair
On some beach

Some beach
There's a beautiful sunset burning up the atmosphere
There's music and dancing and lovers romancing
In the salty evening air
On some beach
On some beach




I’ve heard dad talking about that crazy traffic up in the big city, and I know that he has spent a LOT of time with that ol’ dentist!  All I do is hang around on this ol’ shelf seems like.  It does get old, and sometimes I feel like a need a break!!!  I do fondly remember last year when mom-D took me to that beach … too good!  Wish I could do that again!!!  And I wish for all of you out there in webland the same!!!


Well that about wraps up my thoughts this evening!



Stuffed Roo





Some Beach 02 




Bubba was kind enough to share some quotes with me for this story:



A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking.

Earl Wilson

We hit the sunny beaches where we occupy ourselves keeping the sun off our skin, the saltwater off our bodies, and the sand out of our belongings.

Erma Bombeck

A vacation is like love — anticipated with pleasure, experienced with discomfort, and remembered with nostalgia.

Author Unknown

A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.

Robert Orben


The sea pronounces something, over and over, in a hoarse whisper; I cannot quite make it out.

Annie Dillard


If some people didn't tell you, you'd never know they'd been away on a vacation.

Kin Hubbard


The cure for anything is salt water — sweat, tears, or the sea.

Isak Dinesen




[i] Song, of course, by Miranda’s husband, Blake, lyrics courtesy of:






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