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Posted September 10, 2015

(NOTE:  I wrote all of this article, except parts of the last full paragraph, before the incident last month.)  



The Journey of Your Life[i] 

... the vast majority of the credit for this goes to Jake Owen


As I was sitting in the shop with the Bupps in the early spring of 2013, just thinking and listening to the music playing … this song by Jake Owen caught my attention … I rewound it (guess that’s an old term … but anyhow, I made special effortS to listen to it again, and again – several times - from the start) … it is about a grandpa that gave his grandson a list of suggestions of things that he might want to gather through life in order to make it all that it can be!  There are some GREAT thoughts in it, and all of “grandpa’s” points are valid, but I wanted to add (and emphasize) some things that I believe are important to me, so I started this article …


Now, here I am, in early August 2015, and I’ve been hanging onto this article for quite a while (trying to amend and polish it).  It is deep and I have been wondering how to incorporate it into this site … dogs age faster than people (and that sucks) and I truly believe (no, I know) that they have different priorities than we do!  So, I decided, why not do a “Throwback September” theme and thought that this one would be most appropriate on the eve of my 49th birthday.  In any event, this is (in my humble opinion) a damn good song!!  I hope that there remains a lot of time to add some additional things to this list!!!


What do YOU need to make “the” journey … You need to experience some things, and take some things with you, leave some stuff behind you - you’re also checking off your bucket list (but I hope that they aren’t all checked off … if so, what the hell you been doing the last few years?).  You might want to listen to the original before reading the article, and then see how YOU would change it up!


(All of the links below are selected songs/videos from YouTube – while we think that they are all good and contribute to the overall article, you might want to read the article through first to keep from diluting the message!)


  • A good dog (or several);

  • Some really good friends;

  • The courage to speak my mind!  The fearlessness to do it when I’m not in the majority!;

  • Camaraderie;

  • A really good tomato (and some cucumbers);

  • A hammer and crescent wrench;

  • Some beer!;

  • An HP-12C and a bunch of cheap money makers[ii];

  • A jacket! (those who really know me oughta smile big at this one!);

  • Some good acquaintances;

  • A good saw and a straight edge;

  • Onions (here’s a link to the lyrics if you need them);

  • A good cause, or two;

  • Good neighbors;

  • Laughter;

  • Hard Work;

  • Yeah, I said some beer;

  • Yeah, I said a good dog!;

  • A good wife (our wedding song);

  • A good cooler;

  • A place to be, and feel a part of;

  • Some humility;

  • Good tree pruners (Christmas gift of 2012 – Thanks Spunk!);

  • Buppies;

  • A job/career you can be proud of;

  • Something to fight for (or against);

  • A shovel and a cotton hoe;

  • Warm feet;

  • Ethics;

  • Someone to help;

  • Some good tunes!;

  • To give more than you have received;

  • A bible with an inscription from Auntie Helen and Uncle Connie;  (sorry, but that was the inscription - they were my "adopted" Grand Parents!)

  • A coat from the cold;

  • A good corn crop;

  • Yeah, good neighbors;

  • Some baling wire and wire pliers;

  • A few Old Friends;

  • Yeah, I DID SAY a good dog and some beer!


Depending on the mood that you’re in when you listen to this song, or read this article – it can be a sad one, a deep one, or a rejoicing one (and that’s what makes it really good!)  As Jake said in the very first link at 2:20, “I can honestly tell you … that I am the happiest that I have ever been in my life!”  And I can honestly echo that sentiment Jake!!  I am hoping that all who are reading this right now, read it in the rejoicing “version”!  This is not meant to be sad, be rather to be a celebration! 


At (almost) 49, I believe that I already have several “angels riding by my side” (some WAY too early – and a couple of recent Bupps that are raisin’ cain in Heaven right about now - Patch is nosing up God's robe and stickin' her head between his legs and Roo is barking commands at everyone!!  ;  )  ).  Unfortunately, there will probably be a few more angels that get there before I do.  But, this is a small way to say THANKS and I LOVE YOU to all of those folks!  I probably need all the help that I can get!


Best wishes and much happiness to ALL!


Life is still MORE better than good!!!




The BC’s dad






A few more of my “fave” tunes:


First One


Second One


Third One


Fourth One


Last One





[i]  Yeah, it’s good enough to listen to again! (this is a different video – listen to this one last!)


[ii] MoneyMakers are what Donald and I called cheap handheld calculators – we each had them everywhere!  This was before smartphones were very popular – I still keep them in each vehicle, on my desk, and on my drinking table!







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