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Posted September 19, 2013


Those Crazy Critters!

A Compilation (kinda like Reader's Digest)


Below are a few pictures of pups (and other animals) doing what they do best (acting like people!).  Dad has been perusing the internet (and has received some from some of his buddies) and we thought that this was as good of a place to share these as any other.  Again, these are all "thieved" photos of other's buppies (and others).  Hope you enjoy!



Crazy Critters 01  Crazy Critters 02


Crazy Critters 03  Crazy Critters 04


Crazy Critters 05  Crazy Critters 06


Crazy Critters 07  Crazy Critters 08


Crazy Critters 09  Crazy Critters 10



Remember the list (in no particular order):

  1. smile at someone;

  2. pat a dog;

  3. hug your spouse;

  4. help a neighbor;

  5. help a stranger;

  6. get involved in something worthwhile;

But, remember ... you have to:

  • share a laugh with a friend!!! (refer back to picture 8 - THAT is what it's all about folks!!)



We hope you enjoyed, smiled, and maybe even laughed out loud!

But mostly, we hope that all is going amazingly well for everyone!!




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