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 Posted February 4, 2016
Can't wait til I get to drive!

Ridin' home for the first time!

Checkin' it out!

Pretty good groceries!

Found a warm spot, next to HIM!

I'm ready!

Eatin' with my brother and sisters!

Me and Big Sis, Gall!

And Big Bro, Bubba!

Swimmin' with the crew!

Always ready!!!
Carpe Diem ... Damnit!

Titles and Familiarity …

By Merritt


Hello everyone!  I am just so pleased to be here and be a part of this group of Bupps and people.  In case you’re one of those folks that don’t read the intro on this site … I’m Merritt, a rescue dog that was picked up by B & D in Eastland (though I’m originally from the metroplex – my foster person was willing to deliver me part way) on December 27th!  I’m a 2 year old BC mix (the other part is probably terrier, but I curl my tail when I get excited and am just as smart as a whip – so I proudly (and primarily) claim my BC heritage!  I feel your embarrasment for others when you have to explain your geneology to those others Ms. Maggie!).  Well, you see, I kinda got into some trouble in my old life and lost my right rear leg … but don’t feel sorry for me, ‘cause I don’t - and I can do anything that any ol’ four legged dog can do (and in some instances, better!)!! 


Being here on his place has brought about some different kinda challenges for me though – but, I’m learning (pretty quick too, if I might add) that I am not supposed to just rush in and out of doors (and gates) just because they got opened!  I’m not supposed to go rush the gate when a car pulls up (we’re still working on this … so please be careful if you come to visit … new vehicles really intrigue me!)  And, B & D get pretty agitated when I jump into any ol' car or truck as soon as the door is opened – that’s another one of those door things though!


I can be pretty demanding (but I do have the sweetest temperament) and am a little more hard headed and have a little tougher “skin” than the black bupps do (I think that’s probably the terrier in me)!  If I’m pretty excited, it’s ok to talk a little rougher to me to actually get my attention and to let me know that you mean it – but the blackie’s are having to adjust to the new tone of some of the commands that are being used now.


Yeah … I’m fitting in … and think that this is a pretty good place for ol’ Merritt to hang around!  A couple of the more astute readers of this site noticed and commented (in person and via email) their concerns that in my intro to the repost of Rooney’s “You Didn’t Have To Do It”, back on New Year's Eve, that I referred to “the people” as Bill and Daila – and that really bothered you!  Well B and I both had to smile, but we were really touched by your concerns.  When we penned that article, we PURPOSEDLY did that!  Without a doubt, the three of us gee-hawed pretty well from the get-go … however, the title of “Mom” and “Dad” ought to be earned and not just thrown around (like some titles at some peoples jobs!).  Just because you acquire some new people, that doesn't automatically make them your mom and dad!  I mean really??!!  Remember, at the time of the posting of that article … I was less than four full days into this latest “resettling” journey … and I HAVE HAD a pretty rough life in my two short years!  I was pretty bonded with my foster person, Gigi is her name (Thanks again Gigi, Love You!), but that was a temporary deal … I knew it.  I was told that B & D’s deal was a permanent deal, and I hoped it was, but you never know about these sort of deals!  So, even though we hit it off just fine … I remained cautiously optimistic!  When we sat down in the shop to write the New Year’s article – we discussed how I should refer to my new people … since B has decided that the site doesn’t have to be all that secret anymore, we decided to go a little more formal in order to emphasize both of our opinions that titles deserve to be earned!


However, by the time that we got back from Temple after New Year’s (Bubba is still a little jealous since I have travelled more with B&D than all three of the black dogs, collectively – or all five of 'em, for that matter – ever have or did! - and I still am ... I go with D on Saturday and Sunday to make the "burrito runs"!) it was clear to all of us that mattered that B & D were now “mom” and “dad”.  The love is there, and it is growing daily (there still remains some jealousy and resentment with the others, and there is some “black on white” distrust and there has even been some “black on black” violence), but overall, we’re all doing well! 


Yeah, I love “my” new shop … and beat the others to the door every evening!  Dad has to usually tell me to get out of the way so he can open up the door!  I have already “claimed” the gator as mine and dad has asked mom-D to figure out a way to get or make some seat covers so I don’t tear the seats up!  I’m the only BC that has gone with dad to take the trash, and since I behaved so well, and stayed in the seat while he dumped the trash, he has promised that I can take other “off the place” trips with him!  I have to stay in the living room with the other bupps at night and on cold mornings, though for the first few nights (we didn't want any "black on white" violence - but I have been holding my own and we have all pretty much reached an agreement!) I stayed in dad’s office – I think that I might be able to work my way back into that gig (and when D was gone last week, dad let me stay in the bed with him ... and she's leaving again for a few nights starting today!)!  I had a slight learning curve on where I could, and couldn’t, go in the house … but it’s all good now – during the day, I’ve generally been outside with the blackies, in the evenings with dad and the blackies in my WARM shop, and at night in the living room (though Gall has kind of claimed “my” bed – that’s ok though … I prefer the center rug!)


Yeah … overall, I am pretty satisfied with my new peeps – I think that I'm gonna be here for quite a while.  I think that the titles have been earned … and without a doubt, they are my “mom” and “dad”!





Now, I just have to figure out how to get Bubba to play with me when people are watching … he’s trying to be all tough and mature (but I’m slowly wearing him down!)


Til we talk later!




PS – Don’t forget to check out the All Border Collie Rescue site (and their SpaceBook page) – they have some pretty nice calendars for sale – they also take cash donations (or when you shop at Amazon, just go through (be sure and choose ABCR as to who you are supporting) and they’ll get a small kick back each time you buy stuff!)!  But, I sure would like to see that “Adoption Pending” off my mug and a listing on the Alumni page (‘cause I ain’t going nowhere!)!




Editor's NoteMerritt IS a treasure and she definitely has her forever home!  She is as loving as can be and does everything that she can do to "fit in".  We don't know anything about her "previous" days - except that she already knew some commands - sit, lay, shake, no ... and was potty trained.  We can only hope that her "old" people aren't heartbroken about her ... cause she AIN'T going anywhere!  She belongs on this place now!!  And we are proud to announce that she has earned the title "Buppy"!  We all love her lots (plus, I saw Bubba playing with her yesterday with mom-D looking on!)!


PS - when you get to meet her --- scratch her beginning at her right ear and continue all the way down that side... she LOVES it (since she can't scratch there herself!)  


Some quotes from me …



Life is not holding a good hand; Life is playing a poor hand well.

Danish proverb



Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation for 'tis better to be alone than in bad company.

George Washington



Where there is love there is life.

Mahatma Gandhi



Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. Make the Now the primary focus of your life.

Eckhart Tolle



If you want to be happy, be.

Leo Tolstoy



Life is not about weathering the storm -- it's about dancing in the rain.




Hey ... the hand that you (and I) have been dealt isn't neccessarily all that bad ... some have it worse than either one (or both) of us - it's mostly what you WANT to make of it!!  Put your big girl panties on and head on out there and make the day yours!  I choose to charge forward!  You know ... Carpe Diem[i]!!!


[i] Ms. Patches had a lot to say about this – less than six months before she was killed – Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero.  Think about it my friends!  Lot's of love and strength!







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