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Updated October 24, 2019

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Barbed Wire
Annie More about Annie:  Ahhh, Miss Ann!  She truly is a REAL SWEETHEART (especially when you're watching her!)  If you don't keep a pretty keen eye on her ... she can be a bit of a challenge!  She, sometimes, wants to play with the other Bupps, but she has a history of playing a little too rough and the other dogs just flat refuse to play with her.  She insists on licking Gall's face and that NEVER goes over well.  But she will "lie in wait" on anything that is moving!

Annie was a little greedy one weekend scavenging all of the small bits of bone that were scattered around the place and ended up getting a compacted intestine that required surgery.  She healed up fine, but does have to take special pills before she eats to help her digest her groceries.  READ MORE about her digestive processes.

Annie was the most injured by the August 2015 snake attack of the surviving dogs.  She lost all of the muscle on the right front side of her skull and this has left her with a pretty significant divot in her head - kind of like a "reverse knot-head"!  But she's still ready to go!
Annie 2

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Put Your Happy Girl Panties On
By Annie (posted October 24, 2019)
2018 Articles
On Hiatus

2017 Articles
Dear Annie (part 3) ...
By Annie
(posted November 24, 2017)
Daily Affirmations
By Annie
(posted July 13, 2017)
(updated 12-7-17)
Dear Annie (part 2) ...
By Annie
(posted May 25, 2017)

Dog Thoughts
By Annie
(posted February 2, 2017)
2016 Articles

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Handey'er Thoughts
By Annie
(posted October 6, 2016)

Dear Annie ...
By Annie
(posted August 4, 2016)

Cow Tipping?
By Annie
(posted June 23, 2016)

By Annie (posted April 14, 2016)

Conversatin' ...
By Annie (posted January 21, 2016)

2015 Articles


Anger Issue

By Annie (originally posted December 1, 2011)

Reposted November 26, 2015 with Comments


Still "Handey" ...
By Annie (posted August 27, 2015)
.   .
The Platinum Rule
By Annie (posted July 16, 2015)
By Annie (posted March 12, 2015)
Bad Example
By Annie (posted January 29, 2015)
2014 Articles
Sometimes ...
By Annie (posted September 25, 2014)
I Was Just Picking On Her …
By Annie (posted March 1, 2014)
2013 Articles
Castration ...
By Annie (posted April 22, 2013)
What Are You
By Annie (posted February 7, 2013)
2012 Articles
Old Father Time
By Annie (posted December 29, 2012)
I Can Pass That! (Can't I?) … or, it’s only 107°…
By Annie (posted September 27, 2012)
Detailed Assistance ... My Thoughts ...
By Annie (posted February 12, 2012)
2011 Articles - The Beginning


Anger Issue

By Annie (posted December 1, 2011)




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