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Observations from (arguably) the World's Smartest Dogs;
(but, without question, the bestest friends!)
or, Life As We Understand It, as told from dad's shop.

Updated November 14, 2019

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Barbed Wire
Bubba 1 More about Bubba:  The Buddy of all of us!!  He is dad's only male companion on the place ... and the most sensitive of all of us!  Bubba wears his heart on the outside so that everyone can see it - but he knows that it is also most fragile there.

We don't know where he came up with his freakishly huge size - after all, he, Annie and Gall are full siblings!  Granted, Momma Roo was a good sized BC, but there is no logical reason for this guy!!!!   ; )   But, Mr. Bubb has no idea of just how big he is (or maybe he does, but plays that "...ah shucks!" deal just to fool us!) - in any event, he likes crawling into dad's lap, leaning against anything, and pushing his sisters around (but you can bet, he loves them!)!

Bubba is a "deep thinker" - you need to be on your toes to catch all of the points in his articles (check out an example HERE) and, it bears repeating, this Buppy is always Joyous and Happy - always ready for an adventure (and every day seems to be an "adventure" for him).
Bubba 2

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(updated October 17, 2019)

Bubba's Letters To God - Third Verse
By Bubba (posted November 7, 2019)
2018 Articles

On Hiatus
2017 Articles

Quantum Handey Thoughts
By Bubba (posted December 7, 2017)

Bubba's Letters To God - Second Verse
By Bubba (posted May 18, 2017
Flying Saucers
By Bubba (April 6, 2017)
Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia ...
By Bubba (posted January 12, 2017)
2016 Articles

Happy Thanksgiving
By Bubba (posted November 24, 2016)
I Do!
By Bubba, et. al. (September 8, 2016)

Tres Handey ...
By Bubba (posted August 11, 2016)

Bubba's Letters To God
By Bubba (posted July 7, 2016)

Mas Handy
By Bubba (posted January 28, 2016)

2015 Articles
Bubba ...
On Crying ...

By Bubba (
originally posted January 18, 2012)
Reposted December 3, 2015 with Comments


The Evolution of the Shop
Compiled by Bubba (posted September 15, 2015)


A “New” Sports Drink …

Transcribed by Bubba (posted August 20, 2015)

"Handey" Thoughts ...
By Bubba (posted July 9, 2015)
Constipation ...
By Bubba (posted March 5, 2015)
Simple.  Right???? ...
By Bubba (posted January 15, 2015)
2014 Articles
Things I Should Remember ...
By Bubba (posted September 4, 2014)
The Most Interesting Dog In The World 2
By Bubba (posted July 1, 2014)
2013 Articles
Random Thoughts (part 六 (liù))
By Bubba (posted September 11, 2013)
The Most Interesting Dog In The World
By Bubba (posted June 27, 2013)
Summertime … what a stupid idea!
By Bubba (posted May 13, 2013)
Random Thoughts (part 5)
By Bubba (posted January 31, 2013)
2012 Articles
If It Doesn't Bother You ...
By Bubba (posted November 29, 2012)
Why Can't We All Just Get Along ...
By Bubba (posted October 3, 2012)
Random Thoughts (part Quantum)
By Bubba (posted July 30, 2012)
Detailed Assistance ... My Thoughts ...
By Bubba (posted February 28, 2012)
Random Thoughts (part trees)
By Bubba (posted February 23, 2012)
Random Thoughts (part dos)
By Bubba (posted February 2, 2012)
Bubba ...
On Crying ...

By Bubba (posted January 18, 2012)

2011 Articles - The Beginning


Random Thoughts ...

By Bubba (posted November 17, 2011)




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