The Border Collie Chronicles

Observations from (arguably) the World's Smartest Dogs;
(but, without question, the bestest friends!)
or, Life As We Understand It, as told from dad's shop.

Updated Thursday, January 11, 2018
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We are proud to devote this page to all of our FRIENDS that have posted stories on our site!  As you probably know ... dad started doing this to deal with some crappy stuff that was going on in his life.  Almost all of that stuff is way behind us - and things are looking good ahead - but he became accustomed to venting about life this way ... so he kept on!  He has encouraged all of you to try this method!  It doesn't matter if you ever send him your "stories" - but he still encourages you to write down your fears, aspirations, worries, and confessions ... tear the paper up (or delete the file) after you write it - that's OK!  It can be a pretty personal way to vent to the entire ol' WWW, but he believes that venting like this is a GEAT IDEA!  It has worked wonders for him!!!

We haven't had many CONTRIBUTING AUTHORS, but we would love for some stories from all of you!  We really would!!!!

Below are the "bios" on our most wondermous (though small) group of friends that have shared their thoughts on this site
(in descending order of publication).  We hope to add you to the list!


LITTLE ALLIE:  Hey everybody!  I’m Allie (aka Allie Girl, aka Sniffer-Licker, aka BoogerNut, or basically anything that pops into Dad’s head when he talks to me).  I can’t say that I’m the newest to the entire BC crew, but I’m the youngest.  I’m still a puppy (born 5/29/16) and call Aggieland home.  And….there is no “PURPLE” in Aggieland!!!


I’m a full-blooded BC and have lots of things on my mind, so I’m sure you’ll see many of my thoughts put into words in the future.


In my spare time, I enjoy chasing leaves, chasing the ball, chasing the Frisbee; well you get the point…I love chasing.  I also love to explore and push Dad to the limit with the places I can find that he can’t get to.  I’m learning when he yells at me a certain way that I better hump it back to the shop.

The Little Things
By Allie
(posted January 19, 2017)


MS. MAGGIE:  I was, as Uncle-B used to affectionately refer to me, the half-breed of the bunch.  While I definitely had the look, actions and thoughts of a BC, I had the build and short hair of my BH (Blue Heeler) heritage.  Dad said I was an ’05 model (I never had any idea as to what that meant, maybe Dad thought that I was a car, since old cars is what he mostly thinks of) … anyway that made me awfully wise (and I really liked PURPLE).  Maggie died on February 23, 2016.

Perspectives ...
By Ms. Maggie (posted November 19, 2015)

By Ms. Maggie (posted July 1, 2015)

Follow Your Arrow
By Ms. Maggie (posted June 18, 2015)

By Ms. Maggie (posted July 11, 2014)


LUCY:  I was 12 weeks old when I penned my first article and I lived right outside of a Temple with MY mom and dad!  I had a four legged brother (Casey), three four legged sisters (Dolly, Roxie and Grace), two two legged sisters (T and Cole), and one two legged brother (DA - noooo, not that kind of DA ... he's a Don Allen!!) but I was the only BC in the crew!!  Lucy died in the fall of 2015.
You Can't Fix Stupid ...
By Lucy (posted April 30, 2015)
Dad's Other Brother ...
By Lucy (posted July 8, 2014)
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