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Barbed Wire
Gall 1 More about Gall:  Dad's girlfriend and this Senior Stateswoman of "the place" is also the smallest (and sweetest) of this whole stinkin' crew.  But don't let her size fool you - she's always investigating and when she decides that it's time to SIC something - she's the first one to know about it AND the first one there! 

Her puppy name was Flash and she can still hold her own today.  She assumed the role of chief inspector and enforcer with the death of Rooney.  She tolerates people just fine and adjusts quickly to the new pupps that have been brought onto the place, but as an older BC has become pretty set in her ways.

Gall is a pretty deep (though moderate) thinker who speaks primarily words of observation - read the story that started it ALL!  Since the August 2015 snake attack - Gall seldom ventures out to the front fence unless she is in hot pursuit of something or is escorting dad and/or mom-D.
Gall 2

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2017 Articles
 Beer (Dad's Secret) ...
By Gall (posted June 8, 2017)
By Gall (posted January 26, 2017)
2016 Articles

Full and Filled!
By Gall (posted July 28, 2016)
Live Like No One Else ...
By Gall (posted June 16, 2016)

Special ...
By Gall (posted February 18, 2016)

Innocent Until Proved Guilty ...

By Gall (posted January 14, 2016)


2015 Articles


Setting Goals (expectations and … realizations)

By Gall (originally posted November 02, 2011)

Reposted November 12, 2015 with Comments


A Few Words on PC …
By Gall (posted August 6, 2015)
  NOTE:  To those of you that previously tried to access this article ...
I found the "Evil Characters" in the article and have corrected it! 
(It was ONE word in the body of the article!!)

Mountains And The Ocean …
By Gall (posted June 15, 2015)
By Gall (posted February 19, 2015)
2014 Articles
Friends ...
By Gall
(posted November 6, 2014)
2013 Articles
By Gall (posted October 24, 2013)
Gamification ...
By Gall (posted June 6, 2013)
Reality ...
By Gall (posted January 24, 2013)
2012 Articles
It Ain’t About The Money (or The Stuff)
By Gall (posted August 23, 2012)
Astraphobia (Part Two)
By Gall (posted July 4, 2012)
By Gall (posted April 12, 2012)
Detailed Assistance ... My Thoughts ...
By Gall (posted February 10, 2012)
It's Gonna Rain On Sunday ...
By Gall (posted January 12, 2012)
2011 Articles - The Beginning
COMMENTARY:  Performance Appraisals
By Gall (posted December 21, 2011)


Setting Goals (expectations and … realizations)

By Gall (posted November 02, 2011)




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