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Updated October 4, 2017

Losing a Buppy (that's half Buddy and half Puppy) is a tough deal - without question.  Sometimes, like with people, when it is time, and it is "expected" the process might be a little easier ... but when it's a complete surprise - that's really tough!

As Buppy people ourselves, we have lost a few.  And our friends have lost some - we were privileged to have some articles written by some of our Buppies that were published prior to their deaths.  We are honored to post their brief bios and stories here.


GALL - aka Baby Gal, aka Killer (isn't that a combination??!!), aka R2, aka Girlfriend, aka Flash, aka Buppy.  She was Roo's #1 pup and was the smallest (and most ferocious) of all of them!  She mostly liked people - it was just any kind of animal (outside of the crew) that she had a hard time tolerating.  Gall was extremely intelligent, extremely sweet and she seemed timid - but stand between her and her appointed job (or critter ... or wherever she wants to be) ... WATCH OUT!!!  Gall was 11 years old when we lost her to natural causes on October 4, 2017.
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was, as Uncle-B used to affectionately refer to me, the half-breed of the bunch.  While I definitely had the look, actions and thoughts of a BC, I had the build and short hair of my BH (Blue Heeler) heritage.  Dad said I was an ’05 model (I never had any idea as to what that meant, maybe Dad thought that I was a car, since old cars is what he mostly thinks of) … anyway that made me awfully wise (and I really liked PURPLE).  Maggie died on February 23, 2016.

Perspectives ...
By Ms. Maggie (posted November 19, 2015)

By Ms. Maggie (posted July 1, 2015)

Follow Your Arrow
By Ms. Maggie (posted June 18, 2015)

By Ms. Maggie (posted July 11, 2014)


LUCY:  I was 12 weeks old when I penned my first article and I lived right outside of a Temple with MY mom and dad!  I had a four legged brother (Casey), three four legged sisters (Dolly, Roxie and Grace), two two legged sisters (T and Cole), and one two legged brother (DA - noooo, not that kind of DA ... he's a Don Allen!!) but I was the only BC in the crew!!  Lucy died in the fall of 2015.

You Can't Fix Stupid ...
By Lucy (posted April 30, 2015)

Dad's Other Brother ...
By Lucy (posted July 8, 2014)


ROONEY - aka Momma Roo (Mom-R), aka Roosevelt, aka Mac-A-Rooney, aka Roo, aka RoonErRator, aka Baby Roo, aka Yoda, aka Freckles, aka Buppy, aka ... ahh, she answered to just about anything that dad called her.  She was the 11 year old matriarch and momma of this whole stinkin' BC Clan and was also the primary mouser on the place.  Not only was she Chief Investigator, she also had mom-D and dad in her back pocket - she really did Rule the Roost, and would really "speak" her mind when things weren't going as she had planned.  We lost Rooney to multiple rattlesnake bites on August 18, 2015.

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PATCHES - aka Patcher, aka Patchy (she thought that we were saying Apache, but she just wasn't that mean!), aka 3PO, aka Buppy, aka the Crippled Dog.  She was extremely tolerant and sensitive.  She was the most happy and "ossimistic" BC on this place!  She found her voice around mid-2013 and would greet "her people" with a demanding bark (that she learned from her mother) when they returned home.  We lost Patches to multiple rattlesnake bites on August 18, 2015 (Patches was 9 years old and Gall's littermate, sister, and buddy!).
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