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Barbed Wire
Merritt 1 More about Merritt:  Merritt was adopted from All Border Collie Rescues in December of 2015.  She was classified as a "Special Treasure" due to her missing right, rear leg ... and she certainly is a special treasure!  No one, except Merritt - and she isn't talking - knows what happened to that leg, but make NO MISTAKE, it does NOT slow her down at all!

Dad and Murr have developed a pretty tight bond!  She follows dad everywhere he goes - including the office and bed (just like Roo did), and the "blackies" aren't generally allowed back there!  She has kinda taken on that role - much to mom-D's chagrin.

Her most favoritest pastime is swimming - yes sir, she really loves that tank!  At first we were afraid that she would just swim in circles - but she is the Mark Spitz of this place!  Yeah, if the gate to the trap is open, she will likely be in the tank just swimming up a storm (don't worry about her drowning though - the tank is only about 18" deep)!!!

A kind and generous bupp (except with her food or treats) - Merritt welcomes all and is decidedly Happy As Hell with life and absolutely makes the most of every day that she has been given!
Merritt 2

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Works in Progress ...
2018 Articles
Better Than A Shelter ...
By Merritt (posted April 26, 2018)
2017 Articles
Snip, Snip
By Merritt (posted June 22, 2017)
So What If I'm White?
By Merritt (posted February 9, 2017)
2016 Articles

You Gotta Adjust Dude ...
By Merritt and Taffy (posted December 8, 2016)

Well … it may not be Forever after all …
By Merritt (posted August 25, 2016)
Happy As Hell
By Merritt (posted July 14, 2016)

Buggy Trip 2016
By Merritt (posted April 21, 2016)

Titles and Familiarity ...
By Merritt (posted February 4, 2016)
2015 Articles

You Didn't Have To Do It ...
By Rooney
(originally posted May 16, 2013)
Reposted with a SPECIAL introduction from Merritt December 31, 2015 with Comments 


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