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August 18, 2015

Below are all of the the Articles written by Rooney.

Again, we have ABSOLUTELY no intention of offending ...

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Barbed Wire
Baby Roo About Rooney:  aka Momma Roo (Mom-R), aka Roosevelt, aka Mac-A-Rooney, aka Roo, aka RoonErRator, aka Baby Roo, aka Yoda, aka Buppy, aka ... ahh, she answered to just about anything that dad called her.  She was the 11 year old matriarch and momma of this whole stinkin' BC Clan and was also the primary mouser on the place.  Not only was she Chief Investigator, she also had mom-D and dad in her back pocket - she really did Rule the Roost, and would really "speak" her mind when things weren't going as she had planned.  We lost Rooney to multiple rattlesnake bites on August 18, 2015. Rooney
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2015 Articles

Rooney ... Unsaid.
(posted October 15, 2015)
Unlikely ...
By Rooney
* (posted October 1, 2015)

What Happened To Patch and Roo
 (August 18, 2015)

You Can't Always Win!
By Rooney (posted July 23, 2015)
Bromance …
By Rooney (posted March 17, 2015)
Friggatriskaidekaphobia …
By Rooney (posted February 12, 2015)
2014 Articles
Know When To Hold 'Em
By Rooney (posted October 9, 2014)
Speak Your Mind ...
By Rooney (posted January 1, 2014)
2013 Articles
The Grass Ain't Always Greener ...
By Rooney (posted August 22, 2013)
You Didn't Have To Do It ...
By Rooney (posted May 16, 2013)
Long Time, No See ...
By Rooney (posted January 18, 2013)
2012 Articles
That Dog Loves Dad More Than Food
By Rooney (posted August 16, 2012)
WOW ... Thanks!
By Rooney (posted May 30, 2012)

It Ain't Easy Being A Pirate
By Rooney (posted March 15, 2012)
Detailed Assistance ... Rooney's Response ...
By Rooney (posted March 1, 2012)
By Rooney (posted February 17, 2012)
Detailed Assistance
By Rooney (posted February 9, 2012)



By Rooney (posted January 4, 2012)


2011 Articles - The Beginning
This Management Thing
By Rooney (posted December 8, 2011)


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