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Barbed Wire
Sissy 1

More about Sissy:  Dad and mom-D keep an eye on the good ol' All Border Collie Rescue website and saw Sassy’s picture!

Dad fell in love immediately since she reminded him of his Momma Dog, Rooney!  Freckles, wavy hair and a slight bossy attitude!  Mom-D was all for another buppy around the place, and he finally talked her into Sassy.


Sassy was found just before Hurricane Harvey.    She repaid her rescuers by keeping the area of the barn where she was being kept clean and tidy – making a bathroom area from hay and bringing over clean hay daily! 


She is rambunctious and has a lot of energy.  It won’t be long before she, Merritt and Taffy will form a bond and start exploring everything!

Sassy was renamed Sissy shortly after coming to her forever home on February 17, 2018.

Taffy 2

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