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Barbed Wire
Taffy 1 More about Taffy:  It was decided that Merritt needed a playmate since all of the "Blackies" were all too grumpy!  So, they went back to the folks at the good ol' All Border Collie Rescue and found Taffer!

She was identified as a "Special Treasure" by the folks at ABCR - she is a little crippled up in her hind end (from a bad encounter with a cow) - but you would never guess it when you see her dancing and racing around the place! 
Like her new sister, Merritt - and the sister that she never knew, Patches - she is all dog and ready to ROMP! 

She is rambunctious and has a lot of energy.  She and Merritt have formed a pretty tight bond and are always getting into something (or wrestling in the shop) and is fitting in just fine in her Forever Home!

Taffy was picked up in Fredericksburg (at the Whataburger) on November 6th (Thanks to Landon for delivering her!)

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