What happened to Roo and Patch

What happened to Patch and Roo?


When I left for work on the morning of August 18th, all was good around the place.  All of the noses were counted for and all was according to Hoyle.


I came home for lunch around 11:45 and noticed Roo laying against the water faucet – not too unusual, but the sprinkler was spraying her!  This would be unacceptable to her in her normal routine.  I called for her, she reluctantly got up, then staggered and was finally able to get to me.  I then noticed the swelling.  With all of my calling, I had Bubba, Annie and Gall over to me.  I noticed the swelling in Roo, Ann, and Gall – but poor Bubba’s head was really swollen!  I determined immediately that it must have been a rattlesnake … not that uncommon for us … all have been vaccinated.  Patches didn’t show up, so I went looking … Patches was dead in the front yard.  There was not much swelling (it was later determined that Patch must have been hit in a vein and died almost instantly).


I called Dr. Fish’s office as I was loading all of the dogs into the truck … I mean … these are my family ... my kids!!!


I carried each one into the clinic and was told to check back on them around 2 that afternoon.  I went home and buried my Patches Dog – this was the first dog burial that I ever did by myself (since all of my remaining Bupps were at the vet!)  I checked back with the clinic at 2, and was told to come pick them up – they will do better at home!  The clinic called back to check on them around 5, I expressed concern over Roo and was instructed to bring her back.  I did and we all had a fitful night.


Around 6 on Wednesday morning I called Dr. Fish at home – he told me that Momma Roo had not made it.  I said that Annie was looking worse, and I was worried about the other two as well – he instructed me to bring all of them back to the clinic and I “traded” them for Roo’s body.  This was the second dog burial that I ever did by myself – it wasn’t any easier!


I buried my girlfriend while wondering what had happened to our “world”?!  This wasn't the way it was supposed to be!!


Bubba and Gall came home Wednesday afternoon.  Gall was still a little swollen but was ready to chase rabbits … Bubba was still very swollen but was happy and wagging his tail!  Annie stayed at Dr. Fish’s and was on an IV – but she was very responsive when I visited with her.


I was able to pick Annie up Thursday afternoon – she looked miserable, but would wag her tail when you visited with her (plus her mom-D was coming home that day and I knew that would perk her up … and it did).  I was no longer worried about Bubba and Gall – they were doing fine now!


Annie is doing pretty well now, we did have some concerns about her vision, but she is seeing just fine now - she's runnin', eatin', poopin', and waggin' her tail (oh yeah, and chasing rabbits!)!!  Her head is shaved to treat all of the bites, but she is happy and healing!!! 


I found no dead snakes (weird … the BC's generally kill them for sport), all the dogs had been vaccinated (11 years for Roo, 9 for Gall and Patch, 5 for Ann and Bubba) – I know that Gall and Patches had been bitten before (you build immunity, especially between shots and bites).  My buddy Trey has researched it … a snake has two to three “good” bites before it runs out of venom; it wasn’t a Mojave (they have neurological toxin – all the dogs would most likely be dead) – and the symptoms just weren’t there; it is really early for snakes to be mating; I’ve only killed one this year (as compared to several in "normal" years); mom-D and I both have scouted for dens; there were no “snake signs” in the yard, and the dogs did not have access to the pasture when we were gone.  Dr. Fish, and many others have been trying to figure it out ... no success.  I do not know how/why this occurred, and quite frankly, I am tired of trying to determine and entertain reasons on how it happened.  The one thing that I do know is that my "Crippled Dog" and "Momma Dog" are dead … it happened and is done.  I have searched the yard and shredded the pasture on either side of the yard and saw no “snake signs”.


I am down 40% in BC’s (they ARE my BUPPIES!!!) – not a good thing at all!


As always, we continue to have great appreciation to Dr. Fish and his crew.  They truly do care and provide the best service that they can!  We are grateful!


I can only assume that the Bupps were just going about their daily routines when this occurred – it just serves as a reminder that we all need to treat each day as possibly our last one.  Don't be morbid or sad about it - just rejoice and grab for all the life that you can ... you know ... Sieze The Day!!


I know that everyone has different opinions of dogs – mine is:  "These dogs ARE my kids!  I do not have favorite (just like parents will NEVER say out loud (or even to themselves) who their favorite kid is!!  And they feel guilty when they know who the favorite is!)  These dogs are my kids, and I just lost two of them!  Damnit!!!"


We received an email from Nancy that we wanted to share an edited snippet from:

"They loved you well, she did what she was put here to do.  She watched over you and her Kingdom until she couldn’t anymore.  And even the battle was likely one more attempt to keep the kingdom safe.


So ya’ll grieve for your babies, it’s ok … But know they are still watching over you, and you will see them again!  Life “is” good and precious, but "God is better!"



Amen!  Thank you Nancy (and Ahoy Matey too!)


Life is Precious, Life is Good,

and God is GREAT!


Thanks to everyone for all of the texts and emails.




Your dogs are just dogs … to me.

My dogs are just dogs ... to you.

But to each of us ... individually,

Our dogs hold a very special place in our hearts and our homes.

And that makes all of our dogs an integral part of our family.

RIP My Buppies ...

Patches Rooney

February 25, 2006 -
August 18, 2015

October 30, 2003 -
August 18, 2015

I believe that there are a couple of Bupps that are raisin’ cain in Heaven right about now -
Patch is nosing up God's robe and stickin' her head between his legs, and;
Roo is barking commands at everyone!!  ;  ) 

THANKS and LOVE to all of you!

Remember ...
Just smile at someone,
pat a dog,
hug your spouse,
help a neighbor,
help a stranger,
get involved in something worthwhile,
but remember that, EVERY DAY,
you need to share a laugh with a friend!!!

You can make a difference

START NOW!!!!!!!!