The Border Collie Chronicles

Observations from (arguably) the World's Smartest Dogs;
(but, without question, the bestest friends!)
or, Life As We Understand It, as told from dad's shop.

Updated Sunday, December 10, 2017
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Happy birthday to our brother - JC!!


This site originated back in 2011 when our human (referred to as "dad") got the notion of posting some musings on the internet.  You see, he'd been writing silly little articles for quite a while and published some of them in his work association's newsletters.  In March of that year, we lost one of our best friends and buddies, dad's job started really stinking (or maybe it just started getting to him since he wasn't able to vent as regularly (or as long) as he did when ol' Donald was around!)  Well, he started writing articles for us - mainly about his work - and he got a batch of them compiled and decided that he wanted to share them.  Some of his esteemed work colleagues advised him against publicly sharing the articles since they believed that they might upset the "establishment".  Well, after some deliberation and against their recommendations, dad went ahead and created this website and published the stories ... in semi-secret though!  Few people knew of it's existence, but it was an instant SMASH (for dad anyway!) - he found that he was able to vent his concerns, fears, and anger through the writing and he helped introduce all of us to all of you!!  He still enjoys this site and even though we still don't have a very wide readership - that's ok too!


Yeah, the site was started by a tight knit family of five wonderfully smart BC's, all birthed by the famous Roo (and sired by the same dad - Mom-R was a "good girl"), and a couple of humans!  As the extremely intelligent BC's that we are, late at night - in dad's shop, we visit with him and he records our sage advice (even though we're extremely intelligent and insightful - we still can't write due to that dang opposable thumb issue!)  In any event, dad publishes our thoughts, concerns, and observations on this ol' world wide web for all of our friends to enjoy and consider.  Nothing written here is intended to be malicious or hurtful ... HEY, it's just OUR thoughts.


This is definitely intended to be a family friendly sort of site, though a small amount of "colorful" language may come into play (but only to emphasize our points).  Most of our thoughts revolve around dad's and mom-D's (mostly dad's) work, life, and general issues that concern him (since that naturally concerns us).  Feedback is appreciated, both positive and negative, you can email us at


This is really just a way for us to vent our thoughts, concerns and ideas --- kinda like a BC "SpaceBook"©.  We certainly hope that you find these musings either thought provoking or amusing (hopefully both!!)  Some are pretty much "work related", some get somber, some are intended to be "deep", and we hope that at least a few are humorous (from a BC point of view, anyway!!)  In any event - we LOVE publishing these ruminations and will continue to do so as long as it remains therapeutic (and it is still very enjoyable and helpful!)  The "establishment" doesn't concern us any longer ... so, please feel free to share the site with everyone that you think might enjoy it! 


GALL - aka Baby Gal, aka Killer (isn't that a combination??!!), aka R2, aka Girlfriend, aka Flash, aka Buppy.  She was Roo's #1 pup and was the smallest (and most ferocious) of all of them!  She mostly liked people - it was just any kind of animal (outside of the crew) that she had a hard time tolerating.  Gall was extremely intelligent, extremely sweet and she seemed timid - but stand between her and her appointed job (or critter ... or wherever she wants to be) ... WATCH OUT!!!  Gall was 11 years old when we lost her to natural causes on October 4, 2017.


ANNIE - aka Ann, aka Annie Bannannie, aka Anne Marie, aka Ani, aka Speedy, aka Spency Girl 2, aka Buppy.  Gall's full sister (though not a littermate).  I bet you thought that fixing up Hardway and Patches was expensive ... not compared to Spency Girl 2!  (then add on the snake bite treatments!)  She is aloof!!  Sickenly sweet (but only when she wants to be!)  Enjoys her time alone.  Aggressive, but loving - she semi-patiently waited to become the Matriarch (but we are not sure that either she or Gall fully understands that concept yet ... but Merritt is quickly figuring it out!!). 

BUBBA - aka Big Boy, aka Buddy, aka Chewy, aka Riggs, aka Buppy, aka Freakishly Huge Monster Dog.  Annie's littermate.  He is freakishly HUGE and simply adores dad and Gall.  The only boy BC on the place - he's been fixed (Bubba that is, not dad!)  Joyous and Happy - always ready for an adventure (and every day seems to be an "adventure" for Mr. Bubb) ... Well, Bless His Heart!  He is STILL all puppy and all boy!!  Bubba is the sweetest and gives the BESTEST hugs of all the BC's!!!!  Annie and Bubba are 7 years old (February 19, 2010 models).

MERRITT - aka Murr, aka Me're (i.e. - coME heRE), aka Buppy!  A rescue dog that became a part of this crew as a late Christmas present for ALL of us in 2015.  Dad "found" her on the internet back in October 2015 and after a thorough application process, the nice folks at ABCR agreed to let her go to a new family out in west Texas!!  She is a three year old, three legged girl that got into some trouble in her "other days" and lost her right rear leg.  Gall tells her that while that does make her special, it doesn't necessarily justify special treatment ... but she knows differently ... !  She loves her Forever Home and will let you know that she is in FULL CONTROL of the gator! 


TAFFY - aka Taffer, aka Taffy-Taff, aka Buppy!  Miss Taffy came to us as an 18 month old rescue dog in November 2016.  She, like Merritt, came from the nice folks at ABCR!  She got kicked pretty good by a cow as a young un and has some major issues with her hind end ... that doesn't slow her down any at all though!  Like her sister, Merritt, and the sister that she never knew, Patches, she is all dog and ready to ROMP (though sometimes in three wheel drive!)!  She is definitely the young one of the group and the most rambunctious ... she and Merritt can always find something exciting to get into and enjoy "wrestling" in the shop (much to the chagrin of Gall, Annie and Bubba!)   


MOM-D (the human, not dog) - aka ... Nah, we won't go there!  The "tender to" of most of our needs!  We love her bunches!!!


DAD - The authoritarian and our bestest human buddy!  He spends a lot of time in his shop - with time to sit and write - but also did some time "Driving and Thinking" in his younger days.

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