The Border Collie Chronicles

Observations from (arguably) the World's Smartest Dogs;
(but, without question, the bestest friends!)
or, Life As We Understand It, as told from dad's shop.

Updated August 10, 2021

We're slowly but surely re-populating the site with old stories in a new format (but in no specific sequence).

We'll also post new ones occasionally as worthwhile topics come to us and as folks provide feedback

Again, we have ABSOLUTELY no intention of offending ...

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Barbed Wire

Bubba's Letters To God - Third Verse
By Bubba (posted November 7, 2019)
The Pecan Picking Primates of Pecos County
(posted October 31, 2019)
Put Your Happy Girl Panties On
By Annie (posted October 24, 2019)
Those Crazy Critters (vol XI)
(posted October 17, 2019)
If Your Clothes Could Talk ...
(posted May 22, 2019)

The State Of The Place
(posted February 7, 2019)

Happy Thanksgiving
(posted February 7, 2019)

El Arroyo #2
(posted September 11, 2018)
I Wouldn't Have Picked You
By Taffy (posted June 21, 2018)
The New Generation
(posted May 17, 2018)
Better Than A Shelter ...
By Merritt (posted April 26, 2018)
BC Picks, Vol. 2
(posted February 14, 2018)
Great News
(posted February 14, 2018)
We Love Shopping!
(posted December 14, 2017)

Quantum Handy Thoughts
By Bubba (posted December 7, 2017)

Dear Annie (part 3)
By Annie (posted November 24, 2017)
My Sweet Baby Gall
(posted November 18, 2017)
Thirsty Thursday (vol 2)
(posted September 7, 2017)
It Ain't Easy Being A Pirate (repost)
By Rooney (posted August 31, 2017)

Random Acts ...  (repost)
By Patches
(posted August 24, 2017)

Here Is What I Pledge
Charlie Daniels (posted August 10, 2017)

El Arroyo #1
(posted July 20, 2017)

Setting Goals
By Gall (posted November 2, 2011

Random Thoughts 1
By Bubba (posted November 17, 2011)
Detailed Assistance
By Rooney (posted February 9, 2012)
Detailed Assistance ... My Thoughts ...
By Gall (posted February 10, 2012)
It Ain't Easy Being A Pirate
By Rooney (posted March 15, 2012)
By Anonymous (posted March 29, 2012)
The Easter Bunny
By Anonymous (posted April 8, 2012)
The Great Snow of 2013
(posted January 6, 2013)

Random Acts ...
By Patches (posted January 10, 2013)

What Are You
By Annie (posted February 7, 2013)
Mommy 2
(posted February 19, 2013)
By Annie (posted April 22, 2013)
Dad's Other Brother
GUEST ARTICLE By Lucy  (posted July 8, 2014)
GUEST ARTICLE By Maggie (posted July 11, 2014)
A Few Minutes With ...
(posted August 28, 2014)
Simple.  Right???? ...
By Bubba (posted January 15, 2015)
By Annie (posted March 12, 2015)

You Can't Fix Stupid
GUEST ARTICLE By Lucy  (posted April 30, 2015)
26° 30’ N
By Stuffed Roo (posted June 4, 2015)
Follow Your Arrow
GUEST ARTICLE By Maggie (posted June 18, 2015)

GUEST ARTICLE By Maggie (posted July 1, 2015)
Dogg Weiner
By The BC Crew (posted September 24, 2015)
After The Party ...
(posted January 7, 2016)
The Great Snow of 2016
(posted January 20, 2016)
Baja Holiday
By Doug Moreland (posted May 4, 2016)

By Bubba (posted January 12, 2017)

Bubba always loved to read the "funny papers" and here are the best of the best!

Bubba's Cartoons
(updated February 20, 2020)


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