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Posted March 29, 2012

Changes …


Dad and mom-D talk about changes at their work all the time … and we see changes too!  Usually the changes that we see aren’t the big, significant, important kind of changes that folks like to gossip … errrrr, I mean TALK about – it’s usually stuff like:  that guy usually drives faster than that down the road; the trash man only turned around three times in “playing” with us today; that lady doesn’t usually ride with THAT guy to go to her house; it’s starting to stay daylight longer after dad get’s home – either that or dad is playing “hooky” (in either case – we get in more swimming time with dad); dad seems to like more daylight (especially when it is warm outside); I think they have some new steers across the road – I haven’t seen that yellow one before; … why does THAT guy run from that house instead of getting a ride back with that lady, there’s the man that lives at that house … Well, ummm, anyway … yeah, we see changes too!  More than you think!


Dad has talked to us about some of the changes at his work … he has two new “peeps” working with him this year.  We’ve met both of them, they both seem pretty nice!  Dad has told us some stuff about them, but we can’t share that with ya’ll since we all have our TOP SECRET, CONFIDENTAL government security clearance – for BC’s (you know, if we told you, we’d have to kill you (unless, of course, you also have TOP SECRET, CONFIDENTIAL government security clearance – for BC’s – but, in that case we couldn’t tell you until you told us something first that proved that you had TOP SECRET, CONFIDENTIAL government security clearance – for BC’s)).  Anyway, so that’s good changes from work.  Dad doesn’t seem to be travelling nearly as much as he used to do.  He hasn’t said anything about the Ivory Tower shrinking his territory, and I’m pretty sure that his new peeps aren’t doing all of the travelling for him – come to think of it … his friend from the Ivory Branch Office of the State Office who usually comes down about once a year hasn’t been down either …. Hmmmm, wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that dad’s always talking about the Pope approving his travel now?  I didn’t even know that we were Catholic, I always thought that PawPaw Ben was a Presbyterian Preacher!  Anyway, that Pope sounds like a pretty cool dude, and Ronny always has good things to say about him (I think they are old friends)!  Along with not travelling as much, dad doesn’t seem to bring home colored pictures from work anymore … well, ok, not as many as he used to bring home! 


There’s always changes going on:  Ronny has a new grill (woo hoo – surprise, I know!), but he hasn’t talked about buying a new gun lately!  D & T are having a baby girl (April 17 is the expected date!) – I’m extremely excited about that!  Not many folks are growing chiles this year!  But, a lot of folks are growing pima!  Mom D’s work is the same – it’s all about change for them!!  I guess that her bosses bosses think that they can’t let anyone get too comfortable!  The gin has new people working there.  Phil has a new hip, and seems to have a new outlook!  Robert Earl Keen has a new album out, but I don’t think that he likes Toby Keith (dad tried to explain that one to us, but we didn’t really understand all of it.)  Dad finally replaced some of those palm trees that froze out LAST winter (but he didn’t replace Big Paul!)  Bonnie had puppies this year!  Benjamin got married, and Elyse is planning her wedding!  Dad and mom D didn’t go to Vegas this year.  Dad got some new signs this winter!  We helped him clean and straighten them up – we’re hopeful that he’ll let us help him put them up!!  Dad has also gotten several new kegs this past year … well, I guess that’s not really too much of a change, as far as change goes!


We’ve seen some other pretty big changes around the place this last year – things just seem different somehow.  Not necessarily … bad … but, just different.  Thirsty Thursday crowds have diminished dramatically – then they boom – heck if I know why??!!  Some really nice folks show up a whole lot more often than they ever did before.  That’s really cool!  But some folks don’t show up nearly as often, or at all.  That’s a real bummer!  Dad talks on his cell phone (he has a “smart” phone now … Momma Roo checked it out and said that it didn’t taste all that smart to her!!) or he does that text messaging stuff a WHOLE lot more than he ever did (before it cost him 10 cents a message and he refused to do it – now he’d put a 14 year old girl to shame) – he has always HATED the phone and almost refused to talk on it after work … he always said, “If he wants to talk to me, he can come on over!!”  But, he usually seems in a much better mood after talking with his friends on the phone for a while, or getting a text – he likes to laugh (he says that really is important!)  We agree!!  (Go ahead and text him!)  Dad has included us (even Bubba) in his “really deep discussions” a whole lot more than he ever used to.  Evenings in the shop seem to have the tendency get way more somber than they used to … but the shop is still a WONDERFUL place to be (it’s still all of our most favoritestest of places – it just gets sad sometimes – but there’s lots of fun and great memories there too!!!)  Dad doesn’t have NEARLY as much knowledge about some things as he used to have … there has been a definite intellect shift.  Not so much the in the power dynamics (if that ever really mattered), but just in the overall intellect and group decision making.  He used to HAVE a clue, now, he borrows one!


Of course, not all things change … we still like treats, and scratching (especially on our butts, except Patches) … and rabbits (if there were any around!).  It’s still pretty dry (though some evenings it is starting to act like it might rain.)  The sun still comes up behind the shop, and sits in the front!  That nice lady still works with dad – though she hasn’t been out to feed us in a while (I think she is busy doing all her Grandma stuff!)  The trash man still takes time, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, to play with us!  Dad still loves us!  And mom D still loves dad!  The goats still stink and the quail still provide entertainment for dad and Ronny.  David is still as semi-regular on Thursdays as he ever was!  Beside his regular job, Dad is still working for the bank (and still not being paid for it!)  Bubba still loves swimming.  Sybil[i] is still Annie’s favorite character to impersonate.  Patches is still as needy, but as adorable, as ever.  Gall is still the super-athlete.  Mom R is still the sweetest and bestest all-around BC EVER!


Some things change and some things stay the same!  I think that we have a tendency to take the things that stay the same for granted.  Maybe, it’s ok to take SOME of those things for granted (like treats and that sun deal) but don’t get too complacent with the other things.  Remember, things can, and do, change!  We need to keep this in mind in our everyday activities.  Carpe diem!  That means, “Seize the day!” and that means “Hey, grab on to life when it comes by, or it might just pass you on by!”


Don’t let it pass you by!!!!!








Self-pity is our worst enemy and if we yield to it, we can never do anything good in the world.

Helen Keller (1880 - 1968)


Life is a series of experiences, each one of which makes us bigger, even though it is hard to realize this. For the world was built to develop character, and we must learn that the setbacks and griefs which we endure help us in our marching onward.

Henry Ford (1863 - 1947)



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