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Posted July 20, 2017

El Arroyo #1

From The www


We ran across these on the ol' www and thought that they were well worth sharing!!!


Amongst construction, changing storefronts, and changing times, it seems that the quirky Tex-Mex joint  El Arroyo has been a standing staple on West Fifth Street in Austin since 1987.  The eatery has become a pillar of the Austin community and has warmed hearts with its irreverent humor prominently displayed on the sign out front during its 30 years of service.  Don’t believe us?  Just take a look ...

El Arroyo 1 01

El Arroyo 1 02

El Arroyo 1 03

El Arroyo 1 04

El Arroyo 1 05

El Arroyo 1 06

El Arroyo 1 07

El Arroyo 1 08

El Arroyo 1 09

El Arroyo 1 10

The review page says:

People talk about poor service, horrible place, best enchiladas ...

Enough said!

Happy Day To You!!!!

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