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Posted February 10, 2012

My Thoughts ... Gall 1
Me and MY Mom

My Thoughts ... Gall 2
Working ... As Usual

My Thoughts ... Gall 3
Yep ... Something was here!

My Thoughts ... Gall 4
Well Deserved Break

My Thoughts ... Gall 5
Obligatory Puppy Pic!

Detailed Assistance … My Thoughts …

     By Gall

Well, dad asked us for our thoughts … here’s mine … fasten your seatbelts, lock your doors, and hang on tight!

First and foremost, all of us managing BC’s get the same amount of food, receive the same sized treats, and are – for the most part – all treated the same (with respect to the perks that dad and mom-D give us).  That being said, why do “they” find it perfectly acceptable that “I” am expected to catch the majority of rabbits AND am also expected teach and train the other hopeful managing BC’s how to do their jobs AND go over to their territory and help them out when they can’t even manage their own responsibilities (and in most cases, their territories are much smaller than mine, and they have less to do!) AND during all the above, I’m supposed to continue to get trained myself to provide you with valid, legal estimations of the worth of fixed assets???!!!

Yeah, I know that I’ve got a pretty prime territory … but, it didn’t come that way!  When I signed on for this ol’ deal – my territory stunk!  I mean, it was the worst in the state with delinquent rabbits!  And the ground squirrels … don’t even go there!  How in the world do you think that it EVER got to be the Garden of Eden that it is today??!  Hard work – that’s how!  By taking responsibility for my responsibilities (just like dad always told me – you gotta look out for yourself, ain’t nobody else gonna do THAT as good as you can)!!!  Not relying on others to come and do my work for me (which is good, cause they never showed up!)  All done under my direction!  That’s how it happened!  Geesh!

You want to send some whippersnapper here to “help” … Hah!!  You’re just wanting me to train them up so you can put them in that “Golden Girl’s (or Boy’s)” office.  Or have me to give you the reason to run her (or him) off!  I don’t really have the time or patience for your “help”.  You only recently gave me ALMOST all of the resources – on a somewhat equitable pro-rata basis – to do my job without continuing to overstress my existing resources, and I am truly grateful to finally receive this assistance.  But (yeah, you knew that there was a “butt” coming, didn’t you?!) you continue to place additional responsibilities on me with absolutely no compensation or recognition … while some of the others have “bird nests on the ground”!  That ain’t right Mother!

I’m sorry that this response has a negative slant to it.  You know that I always try to stay positive, or, if I can’t be positive, to at least keep my mouth shut[i].  But they more I look at this outfit, the more I think that Pay for Performance[ii] would be the place to go!  We’ve got a lot of “entitled” folks out there that might ought to be thinned out, or at least reward the “real” workers for what they do without too much whining, complaining, or assistance.

Thank you for this opportunity to provide my feedback in a manner that won’t have negative repercussions on my future with this crew, since I Love all of you … well … mostly!

[i] The character Thumper first appears in the film Bambi, watching as Bambi is first presented as the young prince to the creatures of the forest. He remarks that Bambi is "kinda wobbly" but is reproved by his mother who makes him repeat what his father had impressed upon him that morning, "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all".  This moral is now known by such names as the "Thumperian principle", "Thumper's rule" or "Thumper's law".



[ii] Incentive pay, also known as "pay for performance" is generally given for specific performance results rather than simply for time worked. While incentives are not the answer to all personnel challenges, they can do much to increase worker performance.


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