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Posted November 17, 2011

Random Thoughts[i]

By Bubba

Bubba and Annie helping Dad!

Bubba Today (Note the Freakishly Huge Head)

Bubba and his "girlfriend" Gall

King of the Hill!!!

I Like Swimming!

Where's that fish!!??

I really DO like swimming!!

I LOVE July!!!

This writing is HARD work!!
Hope You Enjoy!


J  If a convenience store is open 24 x 7 x 365, why do they have locks on the doors?

J  How do deer know to cross at the deer crossing signs?  (They are NOT as smart as BC’s … don’t even get me started on the horse crossing signs!).

J  Mesquite beans give me the runs.  I wonder why?

J  Why am I always humping my big sister Gall (who is much meaner than me)?

J  Why do some offices have published goals, but other offices don’t?

J  If frogs had wings, would they bump their … no, that’s ok – I just figured that one out!

J  I wonder when it will rain again?

J  A good friend is often taken for granted when he’s here, and he’s sorely missed when he’s gone.

J  Rabbits just taste better after a long chase – it must loosen the good pieces up.

J  Swimming is more fun in July than it is in November.  I wonder why?

J  What was it exactly that that old man from Nantucket did … no one ever finishes that one?

J  Everyone should take a minute or two, every day, to pat a dog, kiss their spouse, talk to God, and laugh with a friend!  (Not necessarily in that order.)

J  Does Ronny talk in his sleep?  Does Dale listen?

J  Why is Annie now humping me?

J  Why is dad always more thirsty on Thursdays?

J  Is a bird in the hand really better than two in the bush?  How big is the bush?  How close together are the birds?  How agile do I feel today?  Let’s not rush to a conclusion on this one!

J  How do you get a super wonderful performance appraisal?  Is it even possible?

J  Are children really God’s miracle?  Or are puppies?  Or, are they equal!

J  Does money bring happiness, or can happiness bring money?  (Ahh, we know the answer – call dad on a Thursday evening!!)

J  Are the price of eggs worth the wear and tear on the hen?

J  Will Tom and Jerry ever settle their differences?

J  Why does it take at least two years to get through the FLOT program, but you can become a CED in as short as six months?

J  Does anyone really care if a tree falling in the forest makes any noise if no one is there?

J  I’m thinking that you SHOULD sweat the small stuff since you really can’t do anything at all about the big stuff?  I mean, like Claytie Williams said “As long as it’s inevitable, you might as well lie back and enjoy it.” … That’s one of dad’s favorites!

J  Do I poop what I eat, or do I eat what I poop?

J  Does dad realize what a treasure he has with five admiring BC’s and a Wonderful Wife?

J  Does anyone still think that Kid Rock is Hank Jr’s son?  (Hint, if you’re still uncertain – listen to “Not Everybody Likes Us” by Hank III.)

J  You never know how many friends you have, until you need them.  Just like cream, they’ll rise to the top!  Thanks!

J  If plants get bigger and stronger when given a regular dose of manure, why don’t people?

Wow!!!  I could go on and on! (Really, I could … but dad cut me off!)  Well, “All Right!”  Life Really is Good!”  I’ll Have Just One More!!!”  And “Screw ‘Em If They Can’t Take A Joke!”  Think happy thoughts – Lot’s of Love!!

… and dad and “the girls” wonder why I always seem to be in another world – it’s tough being a “deep thinking” BC!!




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