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Posted December 14, 2017

We Love Shopping …

By Dad and the BC Crew


At this time of year … with all the festivities, excitement, crowds, and noise … Dad, and all of us, just love getting out into the big middle of all the wondermous folks, socializing and all, and getting to go Shopping!


It starts with Black Friday … then you have Blue Monday (or whatever it’s called) … then just wonderful opportunity after wonderful opportunity to get out and just enjoy the crowds and shop!


It’s Beautiful 


It’s Wonderful 


It’s Joyous 

Folks … it’s a LIE!!!!


For those of you that don’t know us (or dad) all that well … he’d pretty much rather take a whuppin’ than even go to the 7-11!  Really!!!  (and we are all pretty much in agreement with him! – though Merritt likes going for the ride, but she’ll patiently wait in the truck!)


So when mom-D heard dad ask all of us, “Ya’ll wanna go shoppin’?” and then all of us got real excited, she had to do a double take!


But, of course, we all knew what he meant!

Shoppin’, BC (and dad) style!

Rooney, Bubba, Patches, Gall & Annie

Patches, Gall, Annie, Bubba & Rooney

Rooney, Gall, Bubba, Annie & Patches

Annie, Patches, Gall, Rooney & Bubba

Bubba, Merritt, Gall & Annie

Merritt, Gall, Annie & Bubba

Annie, Gall, Merritt & Bubba

Bubba, Annie, Merritt & Gall

Bubba, Annie, Gall & Merritt

Merritt, Annie, Bubba, Taffy & Gall

Love Ya’ll!

For those of you that like “conventional shopping” – have FUN for us!

And, of course, ...

Merry Christmas


Happy Shoppin'!

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