The Border Collie Chronicles

Observations from (arguably) the World's Smartest Dogs;
(but, without question, the bestest friends!)
or, Life As We Understand It, as told from dad's shop.


My Sweet Baby Gall!


Gall was born back in February of 2006 - the runt of the litter.  Despite that, or maybe because of, she always seemed to have just a little more “try” about her!


She was always our sweet little girl … she was rarely aggressive or mean to people or other dogs.  But when she had to be – she could!  We remember back when mom-D took her out to Stacey and Kit’s to try and get her bred (and evidently she wasn’t ready) – Stacey commented that she had “Never seen that little Gall be so ferocious!”  This didn’t surprise us at all though … we’d seen her protect the place from those vicious intruders (like rabbits, lizards and mice).  Above all – she was determined and focused.


Even though Ms. Gall wasn’t considered a “spency dog” – she certainly had some hard knocks over her 11 years here on the place.  But, she was a durable pup and bounced back from several “episodes”. 


Early on, she remained pretty aloof with new people … as she matured, she began to like, and sometimes would even seek, attention from visitors – but she always preferred to be in the background – even with dad.  Dad says that he always knew that Gall was around him when he was outside, or in his shop – he might not see her … but she was always placed where she could see him!


Gall’s years of work and activity protecting the place (as well as her advancing years) started to wear on her.  Her hind end started giving out … she started by carrying her right rear leg.  Mom-D made a bunch of trips with her to Dr. Fish – they took a couple of MRIs, tried all kinds of pain relievers and weekly B-12 shots.  Through all of this, Gall kept up her sunshiny disposition and kept that twinkle in her eyes.


We could tell the pain was getting worse … she stopped venturing out very far from the carport and it was a struggle to get her to eat her groceries.  She was the last one running to the tank in the evenings (and then, she only fast walked) … and, that twinkle was fading.


Dad and Mom-D got home from National Night Out 2017 and dad couldn’t get Gall to make it all the way out to the shop.  She stopped pretty much in the middle, and laid down.  We saw dad go out there and lay in the grass, love on her, and visit with her.  They had a real good visit!


The next morning, when she was let out of the house – Gall only made it to the water bucket right by the side door.  When mom-D told dad, he went out there and laid with her again and visited some more.  Dad then went in and talked with mom-D and said that it might be time to see if Dr. Fish could help our dear friend and sister transition to the other side.  It was early in the morning, but Mom-D called and Lita was there and answered the phone.  She was sad about it too, but said that we could come in early and they would help her.


Mom-D got in the truck with a blanket, and dad picked his girlfriend up and started to carry her to the truck when she spasmed a couple of times and died in his arms as he was carrying her to mom-D.  While we were all sad that she had died, we were all glad that she died here on HER place, and in her dad’s arms!  What a special bond that they had … a boy and his girlfriend!




Your dogs are just dogs … to me.

My dogs are just dogs ... to you.

But to each of us ... individually,

Our dogs hold a very special place in our hearts and our homes.

And that makes all of our dogs an integral part of our family.

RIP Galsophine – the superstar, all-around athlete of the bunch!! ...

Sweet Baby Gall

February 25, 2006 -
October 4, 2017

By now,

Gall has met up with Rooney, Patches, Hardway and Shooter!

I know that God has his hands full …

but these Bupps of mine will help him work it out!!!!


LOVE to all of you!

Remember ...

Just smile at someone,
pat a dog,
hug your spouse,
help a neighbor,
help a stranger,
get involved in something worthwhile,
but remember that, EVERY DAY,
you need to share a laugh with a friend!!!

You can make a difference

START NOW!!!!!!!!

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