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Posted January 6, 2013


The Great Snow of 2013!


On January 3, 2013 Dad told Scott (and all of dad's office folks)

that the snow wouldn't amount to anything and to stop getting excited about it.

He said that there would just be a dusting the next morning ...

well, the official weather results said we got 10"

(but in dad's defense, mom-D only measured six to eight inches!)


Mom-D took lots of pictures of us playing in the snow (dad doesn't "do" cold very well)

and we thought that we would share some of those pics with all of ya'll!


The Great Snow of 2013-01
The Great Snow of 2013-02

Annie looking Regal!
The Great Snow of 2013-03
The Great Snow of 2013-04

Bubba trying to make a Snow Angel!
The Great Snow of 2013-05
The Great Snow of 2013-06

Gall on the prowl and checking up on Mom-D!
The Great Snow of 2013-07
The Great Snow of 2013-08

Patches tasting snow (again) and trying to figure out why this is fun!
The Great Snow of 2013-09
The Great Snow of 2013-10

I'm cool!  Ohhhhh, rabbit (or mouse ... or something) smell!!
The Great Snow of 2013-12
The Great Snow of 2013-11

Just playing around!
The Great Snow of 2013-13
The Great Snow of 2013-14

The Great Snow of 2013-15

The Great Snow of 2013-16

Wow!!  This was FUN!  Thanks Mom-D for sharing in this with us!


Mom-D took a LOT more pictures of us, we won't bore you with them now, but we will save 'em for later!!






Oh yeah - we would like to wish the most Happiest of Birthdays to Mom D!!!


We love you!!


Annie, Bubba, Gall, Patches, Roo and dad!!





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