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Posted January 26-17, 2016

The Great Snow of 2016!


The weatherman forecasted 1-2" of snow on Tuesday, followed by temperatures in the 50's on Wednesday, 60's on Thursday, 70's on Friday and 80's on Saturday and Sunday --- this followed the previous weekend in the mid-eighties!  We weren't scared!  The temperature on Tuesday was said to be in the mid-30's all day and night ... this would be one of those "see the pretty snow falling down, but it doesn't stay on the ground - kind of event!" 


Well, dad did decide to leave us in on Tuesday morning ... he was so busy with his Board meeting and other job stuff that he didn't even look outside until he was heading home for lunch ...


WOW!  It was snowing and sticking!  Ain't that pretty!

Great Snow 2016 01 Great Snow 2016 02
Tuesday at noon (check clearance on gate!)


Well, dad's lunch is usually about 30 minutes at the house ... when he got ready to go back to work ...

he couldn't see the tracks that he had just made coming into the place!

This was looking like it could turn into a real snow event!


The snow kept coming down that afternoon and as dad and George were talking about it; around that same time, mom's work folks were ... they all independently decided to send their folks home early to avoid accidents and such!  Dad called mom, she was already headed there - he told her to drive careful (since she was in the Honda)!  Travelling wasn't great headed home, not terrible since he was in brownie ... but not too great either!  He got worried when he saw the Honda stopped at the gate and that the gate was closed!  He then saw mom-D and all the bupps walking toward the gate, and mom-D was carrying something ... a shovel!  Then he realized that the snow was too deep for the gate to open!  Dad shoveled the snow, got the gate open and told mom-D to drive on in ... she couldn't!  The Honda had high centered when mom-D stopped and lost momentum!  Dad tried getting her unstuck, and couldn't.  Since he slipped a little bit in brownie on their road, he decided that instead of using brownie to rescue mom-D, he would use his new toy!  Well he got her unstuck - No Probs! - and everyone got parked under cover!  Greenie had been outside all this time and had some snow on her - so dad cleaned her off and parked her under the lean to for use the next morning!  Around that time, dad and George were texting back and forth and decided to postpone opening the next day until 10!  (George got stuck in his driveway just like mom-D did!)


All this time, the snow was still falling - HEAVILY - then we lost power!  Mom-D got her oil lamps out just like any ol' pioneer woman would!  Dad built a fire in the wood stove ... no problems (except they now had only each other to keep themselves company!  ; )  )  Well, the power came back on around 7:30 or so.  But the snow was still really coming down!  Dad started worrying that 10 wouldn't be late enough the next day! 


Wednesday morning, we all woke to some beautiful scenes - as promised, it didn't get overly cold over night - the snow was still soft and mom-D measured it at 14 inches!  The official records were reported at 9-10" (the wind had NOT been blowing, so her measurement was not in a drift!)  But, driving in to work was a snap - the roads weren't slick at all!  It did get into the 50's Wednesday and a lot of snow did melt ... but it's still pretty impressive in places!


Great Snow 2016-3
This was around 2 on Tuesday ...
Honest to Goodness, it got to 14"

Great Snow 2016-04
Little Paul (Palm Tree) - hope he makes it!

Great Snow 2016-05

Great Snow 2016-06
Little Paul Again!

Great Snow 2016-07
Cleaning Greenie (Merritt is helping as she always does!
Dad did brush the hood backwards and covered her!  ; )
- she enjoyed it - as she enjoys ALL attention!)

Great Snow 2016-08
Clean Green?

Great Snow 2016-09
Even Bubba looks short!

Great Snow 2016-10
Chest High!

Great Snow 2016-11
Winter Wonderland!

Great Snow 2016-12
Keep in the tracks, Bubba!

Great Snow 2016-13
Looking out the living room window Tuesday!

Great Snow 2016-14
The office window, Tuesday.

Great Snow 2016-15
Wednesday Morning!  No TV reception (Daila was sad!)

Great Snow 2016-16
St. Augustine is still GREEN!
How green is your grass Christopher?!

Great Snow 2016-17
Look at the level of snow ... again, there was no wind!

Great Snow 2016-18
Looking north - snow is a little higher
(Big Paul is in the background).

Great Snow 2016-19
D's goats love me again!
Great Snow 2016-20
North side of lean too (this is Wednesday afternoon).

It was a really wet snow and provided us with a lot of moisture that will help us grow a lot of winter weeds.

We've heard of no bad wrecks and the Interstate didn't close!

Sounds like this was a good little storm and we appreciate it!

(Plus it let dad play with his new toy!)


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